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Monday, April 21, 2008

Antoine Hunter @Eastern Regional Black Deaf Advocates Night of The Stars.

Eastern Regional Black Deaf Advocates Night of The Stars.


Fred Beam

Time and Place
Friday, April 25, 2008
7:00pm - 10:00pm

Gallaudet University
800 Florida Ave. NE
Washington, DC

Contact Info

Hey All:

(((((please let everyone know about this- we are
making history))))-

Eastern Regional Black Deaf Advocates Night of The Stars.

It is the first time in history that we have Black
Deaf all stars cast to appear on the same stage.

It's part of the DC area's Black Deaf Advocate's 2nd Annual Eastern Regional Conference.
> Antoine Hunter (International dance phenom! He came
> for the PaH! celebration last year and danced the
> roof off the Clef! Y'all remember.)
> Wild Zappers (Philly's favorite. Plus one of our
> own is part of this troupe--Warren "Wawa" Snipe.
> ...gotta represent!)
> Empowering Dance Co. (Jubil Khan and Mervin
> Primeaux. More of Philly's finest. This is a HOT
> dance team!)
> Michelle Banks (She came for PaH! ...phenomenal
> actress!)
> Alexandria Wailes (CSI, Conviction, Big River, etc)
> Warren Snipe* (Man Called Hawk)
> Marc Bowman (E.R.)
> Ronnie Bradley* (member of Wild Zappers, New Kaptain
> Kangaroo)
> Christopher Smith (Compensation)
> ETC.
> This is going to be an INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCE!
>(((((please let everyone know about this- we are
making history))))-

Eastern Regional Black Deaf Advocates Night of The
It is the first time in history that we have Black
Deaf all stars cast to appear on the same stage.

Tentative Schedule for April 25, 2008

On The night of The Show at 7pm, (Pre show time) we
will have red carpet event walk into auditorium /TV
interview/photographers will be there. Professional
Performers...You are expecting to look at your BEST.
"Hollywood style."

The show will start at 7 30pm.

You may wonder who is going to be there..

M.C. ...Lauren Turnell...Miss Deaf America 2000

Model...Claudia Gordon...appear in Elle Magazine

Actresses...Michelle Banks...Soul Food, Strong
Medicine,Compensation, etc.etc
Alexandria Wailes,....CSI,Conviction,
Big River, etc.,etc

Actors.....Warren Snipe...Man Called Hawk,
Ronnie Bradley...New Kaptain Kangaroo
Marc Bowman....E.R.
Christopher Smith....Compensation

Dancers....Anotine Hunter...appear in National DANCE
The Wild Zappers/National Deaf Dance
Empowering Dance Co (Jubil Khan and
Mervin Primeaux)

Pioneer Performers...Ernest Hairston (1st Black Deaf
male to Dance on Gallaudet Dance C0.)
Ogden Whitehead ( 1st Black
Deaf, involved with RIT Sunshine Too.)

Community Performers....National Deaf Dance Academy
(children dance co)
Model Secondary
School for the Deaf (high school)
(signers/ interpreters)

Possible appearance ...Miss Black Deaf America
2007-2008 Jonelle Thomas
Miss Deaf America
2002-2004 Tyese Wright
Evon Black (Black Deaf
female Comedian)
and more...

Antoine Hunter


Urban Jazz Dance Company


Co- Director

Urban Ballet

Antoine Hunter's Urban JAzz Dance COMPANY!

PLease come see my dance company (Urban Jazz dance Company) perform April 18- 20th

then please see me dance at Alayo dance company may 1 to 5th -

(( all in SF))
 this is a message for all deaf can dance with anyone and have their own dance company as well- this week Washington DC- look out for my blog

The Fourth Annual CubaCaribe Festival of Dance & Music
The Festival is three consecutive weekends of thought provoking performances,
Music/Arts - Performance
Time and Place
Start Time:
Friday, April 18, 2008 at 8:00pm
End Time:
Sunday, May 4, 2008 at 7:00pm
Dance Mission Theater
3316 24th Street (@Mission)
San Francisco, CA

View Map
Contact Info
Weekend One: Spring Begins To Move
A mixed program of Cuban, Haitian, Brazilian, and Congolese folkloric & popular dance

Dates: Friday April 18 & Saturday April 19 at 8 PM and Sunday April 20 at 2 PM & 7 PM

Featuring: Napoles Ballet Theatre, directed by Luis Napoles (Afro-Cuban modern); Las Que Son Son (Cuban popular); Tou Limen Youth Ensemble, directed by Portsha Jefferson (Haitian folkloric); Aguas da Bahia, directed by Tânia
Santiago (Brazilian folkloric); Loco Bloco’s Bay-Lleza Dance Company (Brazilian popular); Urban JAzz Dance Company,
directed by Antoine-Devinci Hunter; and Nsamina Kongo (Congolese).

Weekend Two: Haiti!
A program juxtaposing traditional Haitian & Cuban-Haitian folkloric dance

Dates: Thursday April 24, Friday April 25 & Saturday April 26 at 8 PM

Featuring: Michelle Martin directing Konpayi (Haitian folkloric) and Danis “La Mora” Pérez directing Oyu Oro (Cuban-Haitian folkloric). Currently based in New York City, Oyu Oro will be making its SF debut.

Weekend Three: BLOOD + SUGAR
The 2008 home season of the Afro-Cuban modern dance ensemble, Alayo Dance Company

Dates: Thursday May 1, Friday May 2, Saturday May 3 at 8 PM and Sunday May 4 at 2 pm & 7pm

Featuring: Ramón Ramos Alayo and the Alayo Dance Company, Eloise Burrel, Jeff Chambers, Colin Douglas, Alex Kelly, Rogelio Kindelán Nordet.

$20 reserved; $22 at the door;
$12 children 12 & under; $18 seniors 65 & over
Reservations: 415-273-4633
Buy online: keyword: cubacaribe (one word)

Special Events:
Dance & Drum workshops taught by Alfie Macias, Danis “La Mora” Pérez; Yismari Ramos and more.
Lecture by Pierre Labossiere analyzing the history and current socio-political climate of Haiti;
Spoken word by Haitian poet Boadiba from her volume Under the Burning White Sky; and Captivating narrative
by African-American story-teller Muriel Johnson.

Find more details at or

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Antoine Hunter W/ RObert Moses @ Riverside!!

Antoine Hunter W/Robert Moses Kin @ RiverSide!!
Here it is FOLK!!
Robert Moses’ Kin Peforms at UC Riverside PresentsFriday, April 11, 2008 at 8:00pm
Venue: University Theatre900 University Ave Riverside, CA 92521-0324
Tickets: Order Tickets Online >>Info Phone: (951)827-4331$32 General; $16 fulltime student (plus $1 handling charge)
( I am DANCING A WHOLE WHOLE ALOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)))
A phenomenon since its inception in 1995, the San Francisco based Robert Moses’ Kin Dance Company has earned high praise for its bountiful mix of exuberant dance with an athletic, modern spirit. Described by the New York Times as "electrifying" and hailed by the San Francisco Chronicle as "a local treasure," Moses’ inventive vocabulary of movement articulates a historically-informed African-American aesthetic. The company handles subject matter based on social issues such as race, class, and gender, as well as exploring purely movement-based concerns. By emphasizing the voices of his African-American heritage, Moses has produced works that have earned regional, national and international recognition.

Antoine Hunter REVIEW with PUSH DANCE!!

PLease Share with other!!
Hi Everyone,

Here is dance-critic review of the show. She wrote last Dance Spirit review. Wendy was able to catch FridayNight’s performance.

******************************* Review*******************************

This weekend, I caught the season premiere of San Francisco-based PushDance Company, a contemporary group formed by emerging choreographerRaissa Simpson. I caught Simpson’s act last year, when the company wasquite green, yet still had a great deal of depth and potential. This year,their growth is apparent. Here’s a video promotion for the company’s homeopener:Simpson has made a name for herself as not only a fine choreographer, butas an all-around visual artist, combining film and technology seamlesslywith her works. In one number, streaming sands, choreographed by MarinaFukushima, dancers mimic tiny sand particles as they’re lifted anddisplaced by streams of water. Behind them, a projected film displayswater drizzling down a sandy backdrop. The film doesn’t distract from thedancers, as is often the case when multi-media pieces are presented.Instead, the dancers help to embody both the movement on the screen andthe crescendos in the music.Therein lies Simpson’s huge talent: Capturing the rise and fall of musicalclimaxes through movement. In her final number, Post Meridian, dancersperformed an exhausting piece full of energy and quick, unexpectedtransitions. The result was an exciting, captivating dance. Audiencemembers were entertained, and you could tell the dancers truly enjoyedperforming it as well.Another noteworthy performance is that of guest artist Antoine Hunter, ahearing-impaired dancer who has danced with Savage Jazz Dance Companysince 2001. Hunter performed a gut-wrenching solo with valleys of achinglyslow, isolated movements dotted with peaks of shaking, flailing, andleaping across the stage. The contrast in his dancing had me on the edgeof my seat. This man really FEELS his dancing in a way I bet those of uswith perfect hearing never could. He’s an inspiration to all otherdancers.All in all, Push Dance Company and Antoine Hunter were well worth my tripto San Francisco. To learn more about these wonderful artists, check outPush Dance’s website or Antoine’s website.
Visit Web site--Push Dance CompanyConceptual Artistsdance + technology

Here Mine
Antoine Hunter
Urban Jazz Dance Company
www.pushdance.orgPUSH on Youtube:
Antoine Hunter


Urban Jazz Dance Company


Co- Director

Urban Ballet

Antoine Hunter Perform for PUSH DANCE

Antoine Hunter Performing for
PUSH DANCE COMPANY2008 Home Season Short Stories 3April 4-6, 2008Friday April 4 Opening Night Galaw/ guest Bay Area Dance Companies (((((((((((Antoine Hunter))))))))), Bernice Toy & more! 7pm Reception 8pm PerformanceSaturday April 5 8PM PerformanceSunday April 6 5PM MatineeChoreography by Raissa Simpson and guest Marina Fukushima & David Herrera$20 Gala (Apr 4), $15 general, $12 stu/sr. Discounts for groups of 10 or more available.Tickets/ Res. 415.505.5628 or info@pushdance.orgDance Mission Theater3316 24th Street (at Mission) SF, CA 94110