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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Antoine Hunter REVIEW with PUSH DANCE!!

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Here is dance-critic review of the show. She wrote last Dance Spirit review. Wendy was able to catch FridayNight’s performance.

******************************* Review*******************************

This weekend, I caught the season premiere of San Francisco-based PushDance Company, a contemporary group formed by emerging choreographerRaissa Simpson. I caught Simpson’s act last year, when the company wasquite green, yet still had a great deal of depth and potential. This year,their growth is apparent. Here’s a video promotion for the company’s homeopener:Simpson has made a name for herself as not only a fine choreographer, butas an all-around visual artist, combining film and technology seamlesslywith her works. In one number, streaming sands, choreographed by MarinaFukushima, dancers mimic tiny sand particles as they’re lifted anddisplaced by streams of water. Behind them, a projected film displayswater drizzling down a sandy backdrop. The film doesn’t distract from thedancers, as is often the case when multi-media pieces are presented.Instead, the dancers help to embody both the movement on the screen andthe crescendos in the music.Therein lies Simpson’s huge talent: Capturing the rise and fall of musicalclimaxes through movement. In her final number, Post Meridian, dancersperformed an exhausting piece full of energy and quick, unexpectedtransitions. The result was an exciting, captivating dance. Audiencemembers were entertained, and you could tell the dancers truly enjoyedperforming it as well.Another noteworthy performance is that of guest artist Antoine Hunter, ahearing-impaired dancer who has danced with Savage Jazz Dance Companysince 2001. Hunter performed a gut-wrenching solo with valleys of achinglyslow, isolated movements dotted with peaks of shaking, flailing, andleaping across the stage. The contrast in his dancing had me on the edgeof my seat. This man really FEELS his dancing in a way I bet those of uswith perfect hearing never could. He’s an inspiration to all otherdancers.All in all, Push Dance Company and Antoine Hunter were well worth my tripto San Francisco. To learn more about these wonderful artists, check outPush Dance’s website or Antoine’s website.
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