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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Rest In Peace Tiffany Glenn (Love you Sis!)

Now that I might had finish crying....
I thought I take a minute.....
To honor a Dear Close Friend of Mine.....
Tiffany Glenn

When I move back to the Bay Area - It was like I didn't have anyone to really talk to and I didn't find other dancer struggling to dance on stage everyday- I remember meeting and dancing with Tiffany in San Jose, Ca. A ballet dance that was created by us.. mostly her.. I was living in Oakland, Ca and I knew having Rehearsal in San Jose was going to be a lot of work and a lot of money- However i knew there was something wonderful about her- she was my Partner for 2 duet dances- we perform 2004 San Jose Museum of Art tomorrow. I had so much - we were sweaty in good spirit. I love how she create the dance where you leave your partner touched. She was my fav-dancer to pick up while i had some bad and hard time with other dancer I had to lift or pick up- She alway lifted herself and it made it easier to dance and lift her lol.  After that we hadn't found the time to perform together again but we did keep in touch. In fact we share inspiring words to each other- we text message- we just kept in touch- while it was few years ago we were M.I.A then we reconnect 2008... Sharing things we do on email. Sending love to each other if any of were going to perform-

I knew of her battling Cancer for 6 yrs as I thought she look GREAT SHE GONNA LIVE FOREVER TO BE A REALLY OLD WOMAN. I guess I was wrong- God alway need a beautiful dancing Angel- However I am right She dance forever with us today- She really beautiful in everyday and I honor her today- I love you Tiffany Glenn - You're my Sis forever- 33yrs old is too young but you know - I know know it a blessing to know you!
(I don't know who took these picture or own them but i just honoring my sis Tiffany Glenn)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Antoine hunter and Urban Jazz Dance Com heading to Kentucky Deafestival!

Antoine Hunter and Urban Jazz Dance Company will be performing here in Kentucky!!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Students of Antoine hunter and others will be perform JUNE 9 to 10!!

Shawl and anderson dance center


JUNE 10TH, 2012

Join us for an exciting afternoon featuring Youth Performances by Shawl-Anderson Dance Center students at the Julia Morgan Theater on Sunday June 10th. Students age 9 and up will be demonstrating their finest work from this years Ballet, Modern, Hip Hop and Jazz classes. The 7:30pm show will feature the Shawl-Anderson Youth Ensemble – our most advanced pre-professional modern dancers – sharing work by seasoned and up-and-coming Bay Area choreographers: Rogelio Lopez, Randee Paufve, Janet Das, Mo Miner, and student work directed by Abigail Hosein. This beautiful ensemble of pre-professional teens is sure to inspire dancers of all ages!
Make a day of it! One ticket admits you to all three shows.
General Admission: $12
Children, Students & Seniors: $6
Available now at the front desk at Shawl-Anderson Dance Center
or at the box office on the day of the show.
You can buy tickets online here ONLY for the 7:30pm show


Ballet 9-11 Susan Williams – Tuesdays
Ballet 11-13 Susan Williams – Tuesdays
Ballet 11-13 Amanda Whitehead – Thursdays
Modern 11-13 Jessica Damon – Mon/Weds
Modern 9-11 April Taylor – Wednesdays
Hip Hop Beginning 9-11 Jessica Wolf - Mondays
Hip Hop Beginning Teen Jessica Wolf - Fridays
Hip Hop Teen Beg/Level I Jessica Wolf – Fridays/Tues


Beg Ballet 14-18 Andy Gaudet – Mondays
Beg Ballet 14-18 Coco Liboiron – Wednesdays
Beg Modern 14-18 Troy Macklin – Mon/Weds
Urban Jazz dance 12-18 Antoine Hunter – Thursdays
Int Ballet 13-18 Amanda Whitehead – Mondays
Hip Hop Intermediate 9-11 Jessica Wolf – Fridays
Hip Hop Teen Level I Jessica Wolf – Tues/Thurs
Hip Hop Teen Level II Jessica Wolf – Tues/Thurs


Int Modern 12-18 Katie Kruger – Tues/Thurs
Int Modern 12-18 Abigail Hosein – Mon/Weds
Adv Modern 12-18 Mo Miner – Tues/Thurs
SAYE – Shawl Anderson Youth Ensemble in work by
Rogelio Lopez, Janet Das, Randee Paufve, Mo Miner and student work directed by Abigail Hosein


These June 9th showings are limited to two audience members per dancer, no tickets necessary. No seats available for the general public.


Ballet 6-7 Amanda Whitehead – Tuesdays
Ballet 7-9 Susan Williams - Thursdays
Modern 7-9 April Taylor – Wednesdays


Ballet 6-7 Amanda Whitehead - Thursdays
Modern 5-7 Julie Kane – Saturdays
Modern 6-8 Maurice Charriere – Tuesdays


Ballet 7-9 Amanda Whitehead – Mondays
Boys Modern 6-8 Maurice Charriere – Fridays
Modern 7-9 Julie Kane – Saturdays
Modern 8-10 Julie Kane – Saturdays

Antoine Hunter Performing back at Skyline High School

I'm so excited to dance back at my high school. My 1st real dance was shown there
I hope you come see where the birth of many great artist- I hope you all get a chance to visit!
Skyline Gold:   June 9, 6pm
50th Anniversary Performing Arts Fundraiser
Student discount tickets available from Mr. Anderson!

For 50 years, students have been singing, dancing, acting, playing musical instruments, and making technical magic at Skyline High! 
skyline dance concert image
This June, some of our accomplished and passionate Titans are returning to Skyline, to perform in the Rawley T. Farnsworth Theater alongside their modern counterparts.  They're doing it to remind us of the value of the training our Skyline programs provide, and to raise money to keep those programs vibrant.

June 9th, 2012
Reception - 6 p.m.
Performance - 7:30 p.m.

Our Skyline alumni have taken the lessons they learned at Skyline and turned them into successful careers in business, education, arts, and sciences. They've earned advanced degrees and roles on Broadway, conducted symphonies, led organizations, and served their communities.  They've told important stories through written word, film, and performance in all mediums.  They've made the news and they've reported it.
Skyline Alumni at 2002 Gala
Ten years ago, a thousand Skyline performing arts supporters came together, and the Rawley T. Farnsworth Theater in Skyline's Selmer Berg Auditorium was turned into a state-of-the-art performance facility. 
Ten years is a long time in the world of technology, but thanks to a smart and thorough renovation, the "Farnsworth" is still an excellent performance laboratory that lets Skyline provide great training.  But to keep it that way and prevent it from falling into disrepair, we need to again ask for your support. 

We're keeping tickets affordable - a $40 donation - though of course we hope many in our community can afford to give more.
Light boards need love, too!
With district support gone, Skyline Performing Arts needs to find a way to pay for repairs and enhancements for the sound system, fix the stage curtains, and buy supplies like lighting gels and lamps, lumber, paint, and so forth.  Program costs, including royalties for musicals and plays, music rental, and funding for guest artists, are also much harder to fund than they were a few years ago.

At the top of this page, you'll find an opportunity to make an additional donation.  Even if you aren't able to attend the performance, please consider making a tax-deductible contribution in support of Skyline Performing Arts.  Any amount is appreciated, and donations of $100 or more above the ticket price will be aknowledged in the program.  We hope you can help, and we really hope to see you at the Farnsworth on June 9th!
If you'd prefer to pay by check or cash, please click on the Website link below, to find out how.
Visit our Website for more information.
Thanks for your support of Skyline Performing Arts!!
Dance photo by Stephen Woo