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Friday, December 26, 2008



Everybody rise up and speak your mind
Everybody rise up and be heal, not blind
Everybody rise up cuzz now is the time
Everybody rise up, Everybody raise up
Everybody rise up and break the chain
Everybody rise up if you're sick of the pain
Everybody rise up cuzz this is the way!

W.E.B Du Bois say
"Now is the accepted time, not tomorrow, not some more convenient season. It is today that our best work can be done and not some future day or future year. It is today that we fit ourselves for the greater usefulness of tomorrow. Today is the seed time, now are the hours of work, and tomorrow comes the harvest and the playtime."

Everybody rise up and speak your mind
Everybody rise up and be heal, not blind
Everybody rise up cuzz now is the time
Everybody rise up, Everybody raise up
Everybody rise up and break the chain
Everybody rise up if you're sick of the pain
Everybody rise up cuzz this is the way!

Booker T Washington says
I shall allow no man to belittle my soul by making me hate him.
I will permit no man to narrow and degrade my soul by making me hate him. No race can prosper till it learns there is as much dignity in tilling a field as in writing a poem. Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life, as by the obstacles which he has overcome while trying to succeed.

Everybody rise up and speak your mind
Everybody rise up and be heal, not blind
Everybody rise up cuzz now is the time
Everybody rise up, Everybody raise up
Everybody rise up and break the chain
Everybody rise up if you're sick of the pain
Everybody rise up cuzz this is the way!

Malcolm X says,
You're not supposed to be so blind with patriotism that you can't face reality. Wrong is wrong, no matter who says it
"Be peaceful, be courteous, obey the law, respect everyone; but if someone puts his hand on you, send him to the cemetery."
"We declare our right on this earth to be a human being, to be respected as a human being, to be given the rights of a human being in this society, on this earth, in this day, which we intend to bring into existence by any means necessary."

Everybody rise up and speak your mind
Everybody rise up and be heal, not blind
Everybody rise up cuzz now is the time
Everybody rise up, Everybody raise up
Everybody rise up and break the chain
Everybody rise up if you're sick of the pain
Everybody rise up cuzz this is the way!

Martin Luther the King Jr Say,
A right delayed is a right denied.
Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle. And so we must straighten our backs and work for our freedom. A man can't ride you unless your back is bent.
Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.
Have we not come to such an impasse in the modern world that we must love our enemies - or else? The chain reaction of evil - hate begetting hate, wars producing more wars - must be broken, or else we shall be plunged into the dark abyss of annihilation.

Speak your voice now for now is the time to reach your dream, you know you can and we need to educate each other so we all can reach our dream, yes we can.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Last Sunday I thought I had school and had to work but I DIDNT! A friend of mine said well come to church with me today. Few weeks ago I was at my friend house and she look on line and said, "OHHH there's a deaf church in Oakland!" I was like oh really that’s nice.. She said look-see. I was thinking hmm deaf church in Oakland I never heard of this one I remember hearing churches in Fremont, Ca for different deaf church but here in Oakland hmmm so I was a bit curious but really I wasn’t in the mood trying to go to any church. I know every church is different and each church fit for different people if All but again some church had things you need. Some church don't allow praise dance and that ok but I need to do praise dance sometime. I need to dance in praise sometime - I need to shout for joy sometime. I remember when I was little people used to called people who were dancing in joy, "shouting"! He ain't shouting or yelling or speaking he is dancing. BOOOOYY let me tell you something when I think about how my GOD been good to me -............ "I can dance,dance,dance,dance,dance,dance all night!!!!"

Anyway hahahaha!!! OH MAN! I almost jump from this computer started dancing!! I was trying talk about something else hahaha! WHOA! The minute I started thinking about HOW GOD BEEN GOOD TO ME!!! MY GOD BEEN GOOD TO ME! SEE there I go again! .

HOLD a minute! Let me praise GOD for a minute! I gotta say thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you yes yes yes yes yes yes! Thank you.

Sunday I wasn't really into go last Sunday but I made a promise I would go with my friend since it’s her first time too. We trying to look for how to get there since no one is driving that day so we said ok let meet and catch the bus. Service start at 3pm so let get on bus on around 2 something P.M. We look on line to find out how to get there. It turn out the bus number we were looking for didn't run at all until late night. My Good friend hates being late for anything. I told her "I grew up in a church there such thing as really being late for church until you miss the whole service, Unless you missing part you want to see in church other than that you ain't late." I'm sure other might disagree but I felt we aint late. We saw another bus and asked how do we get to 42nd and Telegraph. Te bus driver look at me crazy ad said Gotta go there, then get off there, then go there, then you get on this bus, then u should be there." I was like ok no problem. Here I am trying clam my friend down we wont be late- Get got to the other stop and then about 15 mins later the bus came it was already pass 3pm getting to the point where my friend was getting really up set. I thinking LORD she gotta go to church and get her to church soon before she blow! 10 mins later the bus came, 10 mins later we arrive at the street, took a while but I think 10 or 15 mins ride. Then later we look for the street it was more far than we thought we were on the other side of where we should be lucky I KNOW OAKLAND... so we walked talked and walked in a good mood - I THANK GOD FOR THAT, then I saw the build like the one she show me on line I said that the church right there!!! I THANK GOD FOR THAT!, then as soon as we walk out an old friend "E" saw me and he was like !!HEY!!! I knew him over 15 years we grew up together and he is deaf and hard of hearing! He welcomes us in I THANK GOD FOR THAT!! I saw other friends I grew up with and knew, about maybe 11 people! wave at them. I THANK GOD FOR THAT, then we my friend and I sat down and notice Church hadn't started yet because they were fixing a few things before they get started so we are NOT LATE!!! AT ALLL LIKE I SAID !! I THANK GOD FOR THAT I'M SURE MY FRIEND WAS SUPER HAPPY ABOUT THAT PART!!

Started off with opening prayer, and that day was for everyone in the church to pray, sing, share story, etc and the pastor sit down and watch. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL services.! So many beautiful song, so many people sharing how GOD been good to them, and yes many were deaf and hard of hearing and yes there were little kids everywhere and yes there were translator, and yes there music playing, and yes there people from Robhert Park who drove all the way just to have church in Oakland with other deaf church and I talk to her after church as she love the church and it was her 1st time too there and it was worth the drive and she said she even got lost but someone told her stop here a church they went in they stay for the whole service. She had a whole big family with her too. At the end of church everyone I mean everyone sang " We have the Victory!!!" For me yes it was Victory for me I was in AWE! We stay for 3 hrs service after church my friend and me went to go EAT!

We talked about how good and beautiful church was that day!! I told the pastor I sure many deaf people don’t realize there a good church here in OAKLAND for deaf people to go to.. I asked if he don’t mind if I tell people on face book- he said GO for it, yes please do for everyone is welcome!!!" I seen friend who I knew and hadn’t seen in years but grew up with them for over 20 years it was a blessing to see my beautiful people again.

SO here it is
Oakland Deaf Church at the Harvest Fellowship Church
(Corner of MLK Jr. Way and 42nd Street
510 648-8771 ( VP- ONLY)

ONE LAST THING AS SOON AS I FOUND THERE WAS A BART NEAR THERE I THANK GOD FOR THAT- BECAUSE the bus would been a long cold ride back !! The pastor was really nice. I wish I can go next Sunday and all but I work and Go to school but when I can I will go in but I advise you all should go. it was a blessing I thank my friend for making me go!! I will leave a video of the church on my front-page look for it- and you will see the pastor Speaking!!! OHH MAN he is good as GOD IS GOOD bring me into the mid of this.

I know a lot deaf people go to hearing churches and often can hear what pastor is saying - sometime have translator but sometime deaf people want to hear from he pastor himself what he or she mean! I don't mind watching interpreter in case I miss anything but if a pastor can sign oh man I LOVE IT I can understand what he or she is saying without taking my eyes off them!! Amen?? GOD been good to me and I’m thank GOD for a chance to share this with you all. I HOPE you get to see check this out. I hope other deaf and hearing go and check it out- again it not just for deaf but all people are welcome!!! Check out the video and their web site and have a Blessed day!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Dancing for Kim!

-I'm on my phone writing this- I woke up this morning missing Kim Epifano's company dancers. Everyday I thought my body would crash at the end of the day from Kim's shows but it hadn't. There so much love support in this dance company I simply..... love it! I thought to myself how wonderful and powerful the dance and dancers were and are. Its a blessing to have Tina Brachero as my dance mate, to connect with azaming dancers. Its funny because I'm so tall it very rare that someone shorter or smaller than me( But had a big heart) to pick me up - funny thing - realize many time in the past I would question in the back of my head (can that person lift me?) I won't say anything but wish them luck but there were NO Question but TRUST- that girl pick me up like I was some 8 yrs old little boy running to the side of her body- let it be known that woman(Tina) is STRONG! Yet every woman in this company was like- I mean ... well... there no word, this was powerful to dance beside them, under them, over them, clap with them, turn and roll with them, to have different kind of body pain with them, and learn so much from them- I thank them for support that come rarely in any dance company.

I remember seeing Leah Rybolt ball up, to fight agaist the windy wind before we started dancing, it was chilling cold outside where we were performing at(outside the building of UCSF), when the bell rang to start the show she stood hella tall, I saw warrior in her, it not shocking because these women were warrior of all kinds. Earth, wind, water, fire, and dancing loving heart! Leah to me was WATER, she got some moves. There is one of my fav part in the dance where I dance so like water and wind with Leah. Love it!

But if you asked what my biggest fav part is- it would be dancing with all them is my fav part of the dance.

Again these women, these ladies, these powerful being, simply can make you never wanna leave the group.

There were days I felt super sick, I had flu, I felt close to have mild high fever but I couldn't just stay home, the dance was so important, I had important role, the dancers were also important to me, I was alway happy to see each and everyone faces, and I miss those beautiful faces already. Its was crazy - I lost my fav sweater, I got lost(couldn't find where rehearsal was), show up at rehearsal when no one was there haha, having dance rehearsal outside with my dress up fancy shoes "think chruch shoes" (because my jazz shoes fell out my bag as I rush from work to rehearsal), I had a show with my own company right on the same day of our wild rehearsal with Ms KIM, stuck on Bart for a hour (because it was broken down- I guess- I can't hear the bart speaker so I have no idea why the train wasn't moving for at least hour(I'm deaf remeber)- my pant was falling down in the whole dance and I was struggling to hold them up and no one notice, nose running while performing( WHAT! Its was cold and windy and we had less clotheing "its expected", and so much more.

Its funny if Ms.KIM was having more show around this month and next month - I would do it again- I thought I wouldn't but I would. I felt my body become stronger and stronger, the lifting people didn't become easier but I love the feeling, her idea was loving decent meal.

With Ms Kim I was alway able to see what she talking about. She is no joke as well. You can sometime say dang those idea are huge but you couldn't say no because you would LOVE IT!

We had to perform our dance 12 times tottal in 2 days back to back.

There are something that I notice in this company, no matter how hard the days get or how cold it get- everyone had a smile. It warm my body up. For me that's rare.

Thank you all who came and see the show- it was one of the most beautiful thing I ever seen- with one of the most beautiful women. If you look at my pictures, I was alway one of the girls. Its not supprising how powerful women are, but dang man- mad respect reach my mind for all those who take care their business. Its a blessing to be a part of this rare dance. Thank you all for the rare love. Like I said I miss you all and I hope we all dance together again.

The band was great! I wasn't the only guy dancing, some people were singing and playing music more than dancing but let me tell you NO ONE here was playing around the show was OFF the HOOK!

More later! Many love.P.s.s
Remember folk I'm on my phone writting this there will be many misspelling and gammar issue -- so what

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

( Let me ask you something is he or she is ur real friend if you almost die and you went to him/her for comfort and he/she went out with another who he/she just met a month ago who you knew for him/she wayyy longerr- and left you hanging for over 2 hrs even after you call that person again and say i need you?? Would you consider them your friend??)

How about something bad happen and u stuck another part of the world alone, hungry, and something really bad happen to you and you called who you thought was your friend and they say i cant talk now im going out running ? ( yeah it like dance class for me i gotta run)- can you call someone else- let me put you on hold. for a few hrs again?? Is that person your friend-?? then you wonder what up with putting you on hold when something bad happen?? and you alway been there for your friend but when it your turn they expect you to hold that thought and leaving hanging for over many hours and come help you just because they feel like it when you would be rushing to help them when they needed. when you there for them when they had been B.S.-ing about things? IS it a friend?

(((((of course the world doesn't stop for you but when doesn't a friend stop for you??))))

I remember i asked my friend for help and she left and help someone else who she barely didn't know. i left her because i remember being there so much for her and she was wasn't there- i remember when i left -she thought i would never leave- Antoine left - you see those other time i didnt leave is because i was trying to forgive and forget and be thankful she is here now and (Put faith to believe in her to be there for me) had some communication but she started saying i wanna new friend just because- and when i left said "but im here now to help" I said too late- All i know if the person wasnt there for you more than one time on most dangerous time of your life it mostly likely they never will. Even if they just sitting smoking i mean hey my friend i want to hang with someone else where i was like I need help Hello yelling for help- on my bad take a number-

i watch a man who was doing drug badly alway came to help his friend who was (alway) in trouble things- NOW this man does Coke and alway skip school and treat women like sex toy- and blah blah blah- well his friend is a cool dude alway doing good- but somehow alway ended up in deep crap- one day this good dude got his car in the mud, the dude call his drug doing friend to help him, I watched him jump away from the TV went to the bathroom ran out to his truck and drove 3 hrs to get him it was 1am-ish and took him home then drove back out without letting anyone know where he was going- to find out he went back looking for the car and tow it back with his truck where it was so dark out- and help him get it fix later on.

to me that a friend- i have seen so many on-line friend been there for someone in the most dangerous time of their life - where they send them money and things that are helpful and u never met them in ur life- i have seen it more than one time- thats a friend-

A real friend
Listens with the heart
And never stops believing in you
Even if you give up on yourself

A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.

I also believe a real friend is a person who lets you walk beside them on their journey through life, through both good and bad times.

A real friend makes you smile even though you don't really feel like it.
Oh, yes, and a real friend gives you a smile in return

My true friends are those who aren't afraid to confront me. And because we are friends, there's no chance of losing the friendship over it. It withstands it all. Anything less and you simply have an acquantance on your hands.

In good friendships, both people contribute and consider one another equals.

Shared Responsibility
Friendships need to be cared for. In a strong friendship, both people feel responsible for it, and that means both invest their time and energy to make it work.

Real friendship is based on mutual honesty and trust. One way to build trust is to take the risk of sharing more and more about yourself.

Good friends are around when you need them. Regular contact helps a friendship deepen. It's like caring for a plant. You can't just water it every now and then, and expect it to grow.

Friends should generally make your life more fun. It's true that you should be able to bring your hard and scary feelings into a good friendship and get support. But if you seldom bring your excitement, joy, silliness, humor, and playfulness to it, you have more of a one-person support group than a friendship.

Wide variety of interests
High quality friends are interesting and interested in life. They're learning and growing and able to contribute to the relationship. Being bored together or always hanging out in the same place shows you have some things in common, but doesn't give your friendship much energy.

Alike and different
Having some things in common is important. You automatically have ideas to talk about and activities to do together. But it is also important to have some differences. Friends who are different from you can bring out different parts of you, and help you discover new ideas and interests. Too much alike is boring; too different makes it hard to relate.

Good friends will be with you when the going is tough. They can also give you room to be crazy and make mistakes. They will forgive your behavior still like you. Real friends don't to gossip about you because they know and trust you.

Real friends are interested in the details of your life. They remember stuff about you like your birthday and other special times. They remember your current fears and concerns, and ask you about them occasionally. They share in your joys, and hurt a little when you are in pain. They pay attention to your life, and let you know they care.


Thoughts are forms of energy and produce their exact genetic offspring. Good thoughts produce good; selfish actions lead to repeated dissatisfactions. Congruency between our words, feelings and actions, keeping our intentions for the highest good, breeds happiness in friendship.

"The life may be falling hard outside,
But your smile makes it all alright.
I'm so glad that you're my friend.
I know our friendship will never end.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The time part 1

People getting worry about my Facebook , inter gram , twitters , I have to find way to share my story before too late... Don't wanna freak people out but where can I let my story be share..

I look back the story of my life is all backward told to people Cuzz I didn't wanna ruin anyone face and spirit while it burn my..

Why now:
Recently yesterday (9/21/2014)
I lost 3 jobs on the same day due to the fact I gave up two job for this job and this job decided to use me for future.. They say I'm too busy.. But I look at it as "their faith is not there".. Which is fine... None this bother me .. Here the thing..

My whole day is free, money gone, etc.. I was in awes because last two days I been early for everything work, meeting, etc for those who know me early is rare I'm talking an hour early.. Positive feeling.. 

After I was told I'm no longer needed for their show.. I walked outside no where needed to go.. Stood there...Emptiness... I saw vision ... I saw the sun... Drop on my body,  I saw hospital , I saw my ex fighting with herself to fly to see me with my child, I saw family laughing together in waiting room , I saw Deaf and Hearing Facebook messaging me, and I saw my enemy watching my YouTube .. I saw the funneral then I saw bus hit me.. Then I blink my eyes.. 

I thought I was day dreaming and feeling depress.. I thought about how robin Williams felt fighting depression .. I wonder if I needed help but I said naw  good.. It's fine to lose these job no matter how hard I worked .. Trying to be everywhere and people not respect the time mangerment but it's ok.. I'll suffer today and heal later is what or how I ninja through struggle of life.. 

I walked close to city hall in Oakland .. I had vision again a huge truck hit me.. I didn't see it, my guts said two choice if you cross the street you gonna die, if you don't cross the street u gonna get home really tired.. I decided to cross the street.. I don't kno why I did .. I look both way ... No car,no truck nothing.. So I walked then took my iPhone out my pocket ... And looked up.. A truck's side body was close to 2 inches from my face.. Of course I didn't  hear the car or see it.. I believe I got my warning .. Again 

Again ?:
Well in the month of March I had heart attack and faint on BART STATION two different day.. Few days a part and the heart attack came 1st..

While I was in London ... I was busy a lot and I had no down time until finally .. I started thinking about my life and turn on the tv in my hotel room..just before I turn it on my last word out loud was .. What the are they angels trying to direct me.. "Highway to heaven " can on the screen.. I said "shit" then I said " ops sorry forgive me" 

I took a picture I knew it was an warning .. I wasn't worried , I was happy , I figure they angels got big plan for me...

I'm back from London .. I'm getting email slowly jobs that was promises were fading away.. Like things came up on their ends., nothing to do so with me.., which was such bummer.. 

That's a was few days go.. But A few months ago I saw this .. Keep in mind both picture was the same week..

The crazy part is I was planning to go see my child that weeks.. Something came up and the mother wasn't happy that week with me...

I wonder if it missed me..reminded me of left eyes 

So I was reading robin Williams how in his movies he talk about his death and it happen a few times later.. April I talk to a wonderful ballet dancers about my funneral how I want people dancing and I been thinking about my tombstone .. What kind of man do you see? 

What will my child kno of me...

I began to see everyone don't kno my true real life story... 

The chain react 
The dance, 
The gay,
The cat, 
The friend 
The family 
My life in the Deaf community 
Is my story is like Naruto Uzumaki,... 
My dreams to loved by my own people.. Yet still outcast..

And like Uchiha Itachi .. Same way 

.. I knew at young age .. I knew I was gonna be someone important to the community but didn't know how.. 

Yesterday oddly there was two job that asked me be in it.. I said no to both and went to the rehearsal that I wanted to be in .. They said to me next time which is rare.. I wanted to go Deaf BBQ but too late.. 

A place I was outcast .. The same group who said to me should be "Banned for life from BDA" say such ugly things to me, " he didn't grow in in Deaf Institute, he don't understand Deaf"  I given my all, I was told all I care about is fame and they fail to see that supporting the community with my all.. Often time it's me working from behild 
Still they say where were right there.. I took the pix... I'm not about me I'm about us...

But I'm still going to support them.. No matter how much it hurt...

So now all I wanna do is share a bit of my story of my life knowing tomorrow is not a promises and I see my time is coming soon so.. Let get down... 

So you see where I'm going.. I'm not gonna kill myself hell no.. I just aware my days are coming soon.. And I wanna do as much as possible.. Share my story Cuzz no one kno as well as I will be all truth.. 

But hey I might see my birthday I might.. However I gotta wake up share my story at least for my child.. You all might call me crazy but you kno they said the same thing to everything I did my life.. 

No sad story .. Just part 1.. 

It's a great story... Nothing to be sad or fear.. It's just time now to write my story of my life and be aware my English is so bad lol ..

Monday, September 8, 2008

Antoine Hunter dancing in LONDON


Sign Dance Collective presents: ((COME SEE ANTOINE HUNTER DANCE

High Wyrrd

International dance, theatre and music showcase on the
streets of High Wycombe, from Friday 19th to Sunday 21st September 2008.

High Wyrrd is Signdance Collective's Internation Performance and Visual Art Showcase. SDC has invited many of its favourite artists and collaborators from Europe, USA, South America and the U.K. to join them in their hometown, High Wycombe. This is the company's first ever showcase, and the lineup is exciting, challenging, with top quality new work from stree threatre, dance, signdance, music, film and visual artists. No! its not he panto or My Fair Lady, but its definitely a taste of the new, inventive, fun and fantastic!

The Programme Of Events

Friday 19th Sept

12:00pm Frogmoor
Festival Warm-Up
Signdance Collective and The Luke Barlow Band with excerpts of 'But Beautiful' The Art Pepper Show. Jazz and Signdance combine to celebrate the influence of the late great alto Saxophonist Art Pepper.

7:00pm The Guildhall Undercroft
Preshow opens with 'Taste the Art' 30 minutes Carovana SMI Street Dance. International dancers, actors and musicians are sold for cheap, and audiences are welcome to bid for their favourite artist. Dancers use the area around the Guildhall to entice and persuade the public, live music infuses the streets with a sense of anticipation.

7:30 - 8:30pm The Guildhall Undercroft
'Travelling' Signdance Collective with Carovana SMI (Sardina) directed by Ornella Dagostino with music by Liran Donin. The story of how it is to live a life of constantly crossing boundaries - geographical and physical boundaries as well as existential boundaries. How does the movement of peoples’ around the world, as tourists, migrants, or as artists, affect indigenous communities? How does political conflict affect the traveller? What does it feel like to live the nomadic lifestyle of the artist? Funded by Arts Council South East.

Saturday 20th Sept

11:00 am-12:00pm High Street and Eden Shopping Centre
Hugo The Clown from Argentina Street interventions. One of the sweetest and naughtiest clowns we know! stay to watch him work and join him around town to see what he gets up to with the public!

12:00-12:30pm High Street and Eden Shopping Centre
The Cleaning Ladies Ana Monro from Slovenia. These ladies have an air of 'different' about them, we thought they could help our little town stay nice and polished. Street Theatre at its funniest and very best.

2:00-3:00pm High Street and Eden Shopping Centre
Hugo The Clown

2:00-3:30pm All Saints Church Yard
Signdance Collective are pleased to welcome the Regional Companies who have joined in to celebrate new inclusive physical theatre and dance. Presented are a range of artists who tour nationally, internationally, and locally. Oxfordshire's Anjali, Doorways Dance Group and Jigsaw from Aylesbury The afternoon is rounded off by the magnificent Deaf dancer: Antoine Hunter from San Francisco USA

3:30-4:00pm Eden Shopping centre (opposite Littlewoods)
SDCs David Bower in 'Listen' immerses the audience against a cloth of sound and images based on how David Bower uses his experiences of titinus as a creative tool to inform the performance work.

4:30-5:00pm Frogmoor
Ana Monro 'The Cleaning Ladies'.

5:00-5:50pm Covered Market Area
The Luke Barlow Band The best of new jazz from London. "...the session led by pianist Luke Barlow, featuring Ward on clarinet and guitar, throws high spirits and optimism around in abundance. Barlow’s group jams itself into manic grooves and swings like an unashamed jazz band, but they project a distinct identity". The Wire Music Magazine.

Sunday 21st Sept

12:30-1:00pm Frogmoor High Wycombe's Drumojo Samba Band Sit in the local cafe and enjoy the music, or sit down on the ground and have some delicious Caribbean food.

1:00-2:00pm Frogmoor. SDC's International partners Kultuur Werkstaat from Graz, Austria. Christian Jabornig brings his inclusive performance group to High Wyrrd with a clown and dance show. Solo performance by San Franciscan Antoinne Hunter.

2:15-3:00pm Frogmoor Hugo The Clown 'The Big Show' Families are particularly welcome to join the fun from this magical and extraordinary clown.

3:15-4:00pm Frogmoor. Ana Monro Presents 'The Golden Ass'. Ana Monro is to us the Slovenian Monty Python! The company is a great example of European style street theatre, is exceptionally funny, with a warmth and humour rarely seen. The Golden Ass tells the tale of Lucius who uses witchcraft to enable him to fly, but instead turns himself into an ass, through his life as an ass, he learns to become human, and a better human than he ever was. Slovenian Cultural Programme Funded.

4:15-5:00pm Frogmoor Drumojo the Samba and our Paralympian John Harris meet the athlete and enjoy the band in Celebration of the launch for the Cultural Olympiad Projects 2012!

6:30pm Swan Theatre Gallery Art Exhibition Opening. Join the artists for the opening of the Art Exhibition by Artist Esther Appleyard High Wyrrd's resident visual artist's reflection through a new work by the late sculptor Adam Reynolds 1959-2006. Bar open.

Friday, August 1, 2008

OH MY GOODNESS - ARE YOU SERIOUS- ME!! Antoine Hunter of the MONTH!!

Dear my beautiful people
I really dont know what to say. TODAY is a wonderful day - i didnt know until yesterday i was PEOPLE OF THE MONTH for DEAF i mean i sure many of us heard of or PEOPLE Magazine and Life Magazine - well Deaf people have their own as well. Deaf Life Magazine wrote beautiful pages about me. i was really blown away by the writer. I would never thought this what i was doing was a beautiful thing- all i thought it what i was doing, what i did to do and this is what i am going to do. WWW.DEAFPEOPLE.COM CHECK IT OUT!
/Users/AntoineHunter/Desktop/DeafPeople - Deaf Person of the Month 07-08.jpg

I know going to Japan and London is a big thing and i just want to world to know that DEAF people can too REACH THEIR DREAM!!! I want the mind of people to open up - hearing , hard of hearing, and DEAF to be human and loving to each other! REACH ur DREAM!!

I didnt have alot - but i made a lot with i had and i believe anyone can do that. All i want to do right now is to take a minutes to say thank you for everyone who had been supporting me- and to say IT AINT OVER YET I GOT MUCH MORE WORK TO DO, PLACES TO GO , AND VISION TO BRING ALIVE, AND OVER ALL I WANT TO HELP BRING YOUR VISION ALIVE SO HOLLA-

- PS


Monday, May 19, 2008

I'm deaf/hard of Hearing and you're hearing, yet both human!!

I'm deaf/hard of Hearing and you're hearing, yet both human!!

Did you ever have people walk up to you and say " You're not supposed to do because you're a person who can't hear. You're not allow to do things like hearing people because you are deaf"????

I am so happy i never believe in that. I do remember time in the past where I almost believe that i was not suppose to reach my dream because it was so hard to understand what was going on around me. I couldn't understand why hearing people was putting deaf down as "retarded" or "Deaf and dumb". There so many wonderful things I see in the deaf world. Sadly enough as being deaf and hard of hearing in the hearing's world, I grew up with a lot of discrimination against deaf and hear of hearing people. Saying that deaf people were suppose to do thing like hearing were doing. Hearing people said deaf people were dumb and retarded. There were so many thing that was told to deaf people as they grew up they couldn’t do. Telling deaf people couldn’t reach their dreams. Like Malcolm X; after reading the autobiography of Malcolm X, I felt and he shown his attitude at black people. His attitude was black people will be successful in their struggle for equal rights only if they identify with oppressed peoples across the globe. Racism against blacks dehumanizes them. The white people around Malcolm often view him as something less than human, and Malcolm’s desire to correct this perception drives his fight for racial equality. “Reflected many, many times to myself upon how the American Negro has been entirely brainwashed from ever seeing or thinking of himself, as he should, as a part of the non-white peoples of the world. The American Negro has no conception of hundreds of millions of other non-whites concern for him: he had no conception of their feeling of brotherhood for and with him” (Pg 353, Par3). This book helps me to understand deaf people more. Of course I am deaf also, but I didn’t hang around deaf people, basically I was alone and had my own battle but I watched people and notice things. If deaf people were to asked for help; who would have helped them?

Deaf people are not dumb of course. My mother used to think deaf people wasn’t allow too drive a car and my mother is a very positive person, she believe each everyone to follow their heart but she thought there was some kind of law that said deaf people were not allow to drive. Let me just say that deaf people are the safest driver because they don’t talk on the cell phone while they drive, they don’t turn up radio up loud, deaf people are watchful and so when you drive you must watch the road not listen for the road. Who ever heard of listen for the road? Therefore I say to people deaf people are the safest driver. Not all hearing people believe deaf people are dumb but many hearing people don’t know how to communicate with deaf. Often you will see where hearing people get frustrated to help a deaf person and give up. You will often see hearing people talk behind a deaf person back, you will often see hearting cheat on deaf people. However again not all hearing is bad but deaf people struggle to have doctors that know A.S.L. Or go to the movies that had closed captions, having hard time in school without an interpreter. It s build a lot of angry for deaf people because there was so many discriminations against them.
I don’t think all deaf people thin al hearing people are evil but sometime I think deaf and hear of hearing people’s faith can be shook so hard its feel like no matter how are you try to show people you are equal as anyone else, hearing people can see look at you was lower human people or worst retarded. Its remind me how I read the book Elie Wiesel, how his faith was shook and no matter how hard he try to keep his faith in GOD, bad things keep on happening. I remember I wrote this about him “Elie Wiesel’s faith, however, is shaken when he sees the depth of the atrocities committed against his fellow Jews. On the eve of Rosh Hashanah, he finds that he cannot even pray, questioning if God exists amongst such cruelty to mankind. ”Why, but why would I bless Him? Every fiber in me rebelled. Because he caused thousands of children to burn in His mass graves? Because he kept six crematoria working day and night, including Sabbath and the Holy days? Because in His might, He had created Auschwitz, Birkenau, Buna, and so many other factories of death? How could I say to Him: Blessed be Thou Almighty; Master of the Universe, who chooses us among all nations to be tortured day and night, to watch as fathers, our mothers, our brothers end up in the furnaces? Praised be Thy Holy Name, for having chosen us to be slaughtered on Thine Altar?” (Pg 67, Par2)”
Like a deaf Melcome X would say we should take care our people and forget the hearing people. People would be surprise to hear how deaf people were very mad with hearing people and say hearing people are DUMB. Hearing people sometime assumed that deaf people should understand clearly what hearing people say by reading lips. I heard a few deaf people in the past, saying hearing people are dumb they have no idea that reading lip is not always easy to understand. The shape of a person lips can be confusing like if you say “F” and “V” it look very the same then try “M” and “B” which also looks the same. I would often tell hearing people to look in mirror to understand. There was time I just felt that hearing people made the deaf people feel ugly like how I felt when I was in preschool because of kids that said “what that thing in your ear?” and the hearing folk didn’t mean to. If a deaf person can’t communicate with a hearing person there are going to be a lot of confusion. Sometime I was just mad at the world for deaf for being to ashamed to explain what it is to be deaf and hearing people for not putting enough effort to understand deaf people. Furthermore I realized it is not a deaf and hearing thing but everybody thing. It does go the same for my wishing for a black family to understand a white family and that white family understand a black family or any races or and different. Instead of trying to avoided anyone who are different from you at any forms and try to understand them. Maybe then there would be less killing in the world. In Jr.High school I realized that. I'm deaf/hard of Hearing and you're hearing, yet both human!!

What about you?? What you do think? Please feel free to share anything you think - good, bad, whatever- I'm open mind to anything. Grammar ha-ha anything!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Antoine Hunter @Eastern Regional Black Deaf Advocates Night of The Stars.

Eastern Regional Black Deaf Advocates Night of The Stars.


Fred Beam

Time and Place
Friday, April 25, 2008
7:00pm - 10:00pm

Gallaudet University
800 Florida Ave. NE
Washington, DC

Contact Info

Hey All:

(((((please let everyone know about this- we are
making history))))-

Eastern Regional Black Deaf Advocates Night of The Stars.

It is the first time in history that we have Black
Deaf all stars cast to appear on the same stage.

It's part of the DC area's Black Deaf Advocate's 2nd Annual Eastern Regional Conference.
> Antoine Hunter (International dance phenom! He came
> for the PaH! celebration last year and danced the
> roof off the Clef! Y'all remember.)
> Wild Zappers (Philly's favorite. Plus one of our
> own is part of this troupe--Warren "Wawa" Snipe.
> ...gotta represent!)
> Empowering Dance Co. (Jubil Khan and Mervin
> Primeaux. More of Philly's finest. This is a HOT
> dance team!)
> Michelle Banks (She came for PaH! ...phenomenal
> actress!)
> Alexandria Wailes (CSI, Conviction, Big River, etc)
> Warren Snipe* (Man Called Hawk)
> Marc Bowman (E.R.)
> Ronnie Bradley* (member of Wild Zappers, New Kaptain
> Kangaroo)
> Christopher Smith (Compensation)
> ETC.
> This is going to be an INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCE!
>(((((please let everyone know about this- we are
making history))))-

Eastern Regional Black Deaf Advocates Night of The
It is the first time in history that we have Black
Deaf all stars cast to appear on the same stage.

Tentative Schedule for April 25, 2008

On The night of The Show at 7pm, (Pre show time) we
will have red carpet event walk into auditorium /TV
interview/photographers will be there. Professional
Performers...You are expecting to look at your BEST.
"Hollywood style."

The show will start at 7 30pm.

You may wonder who is going to be there..

M.C. ...Lauren Turnell...Miss Deaf America 2000

Model...Claudia Gordon...appear in Elle Magazine

Actresses...Michelle Banks...Soul Food, Strong
Medicine,Compensation, etc.etc
Alexandria Wailes,....CSI,Conviction,
Big River, etc.,etc

Actors.....Warren Snipe...Man Called Hawk,
Ronnie Bradley...New Kaptain Kangaroo
Marc Bowman....E.R.
Christopher Smith....Compensation

Dancers....Anotine Hunter...appear in National DANCE
The Wild Zappers/National Deaf Dance
Empowering Dance Co (Jubil Khan and
Mervin Primeaux)

Pioneer Performers...Ernest Hairston (1st Black Deaf
male to Dance on Gallaudet Dance C0.)
Ogden Whitehead ( 1st Black
Deaf, involved with RIT Sunshine Too.)

Community Performers....National Deaf Dance Academy
(children dance co)
Model Secondary
School for the Deaf (high school)
(signers/ interpreters)

Possible appearance ...Miss Black Deaf America
2007-2008 Jonelle Thomas
Miss Deaf America
2002-2004 Tyese Wright
Evon Black (Black Deaf
female Comedian)
and more...

Antoine Hunter


Urban Jazz Dance Company


Co- Director

Urban Ballet

Antoine Hunter's Urban JAzz Dance COMPANY!

PLease come see my dance company (Urban Jazz dance Company) perform April 18- 20th

then please see me dance at Alayo dance company may 1 to 5th -

(( all in SF))
 this is a message for all deaf can dance with anyone and have their own dance company as well- this week Washington DC- look out for my blog

The Fourth Annual CubaCaribe Festival of Dance & Music
The Festival is three consecutive weekends of thought provoking performances,
Music/Arts - Performance
Time and Place
Start Time:
Friday, April 18, 2008 at 8:00pm
End Time:
Sunday, May 4, 2008 at 7:00pm
Dance Mission Theater
3316 24th Street (@Mission)
San Francisco, CA

View Map
Contact Info
Weekend One: Spring Begins To Move
A mixed program of Cuban, Haitian, Brazilian, and Congolese folkloric & popular dance

Dates: Friday April 18 & Saturday April 19 at 8 PM and Sunday April 20 at 2 PM & 7 PM

Featuring: Napoles Ballet Theatre, directed by Luis Napoles (Afro-Cuban modern); Las Que Son Son (Cuban popular); Tou Limen Youth Ensemble, directed by Portsha Jefferson (Haitian folkloric); Aguas da Bahia, directed by Tânia
Santiago (Brazilian folkloric); Loco Bloco’s Bay-Lleza Dance Company (Brazilian popular); Urban JAzz Dance Company,
directed by Antoine-Devinci Hunter; and Nsamina Kongo (Congolese).

Weekend Two: Haiti!
A program juxtaposing traditional Haitian & Cuban-Haitian folkloric dance

Dates: Thursday April 24, Friday April 25 & Saturday April 26 at 8 PM

Featuring: Michelle Martin directing Konpayi (Haitian folkloric) and Danis “La Mora” Pérez directing Oyu Oro (Cuban-Haitian folkloric). Currently based in New York City, Oyu Oro will be making its SF debut.

Weekend Three: BLOOD + SUGAR
The 2008 home season of the Afro-Cuban modern dance ensemble, Alayo Dance Company

Dates: Thursday May 1, Friday May 2, Saturday May 3 at 8 PM and Sunday May 4 at 2 pm & 7pm

Featuring: Ramón Ramos Alayo and the Alayo Dance Company, Eloise Burrel, Jeff Chambers, Colin Douglas, Alex Kelly, Rogelio Kindelán Nordet.

$20 reserved; $22 at the door;
$12 children 12 & under; $18 seniors 65 & over
Reservations: 415-273-4633
Buy online: keyword: cubacaribe (one word)

Special Events:
Dance & Drum workshops taught by Alfie Macias, Danis “La Mora” Pérez; Yismari Ramos and more.
Lecture by Pierre Labossiere analyzing the history and current socio-political climate of Haiti;
Spoken word by Haitian poet Boadiba from her volume Under the Burning White Sky; and Captivating narrative
by African-American story-teller Muriel Johnson.

Find more details at or

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Antoine Hunter W/ RObert Moses @ Riverside!!

Antoine Hunter W/Robert Moses Kin @ RiverSide!!
Here it is FOLK!!
Robert Moses’ Kin Peforms at UC Riverside PresentsFriday, April 11, 2008 at 8:00pm
Venue: University Theatre900 University Ave Riverside, CA 92521-0324
Tickets: Order Tickets Online >>Info Phone: (951)827-4331$32 General; $16 fulltime student (plus $1 handling charge)
( I am DANCING A WHOLE WHOLE ALOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)))
A phenomenon since its inception in 1995, the San Francisco based Robert Moses’ Kin Dance Company has earned high praise for its bountiful mix of exuberant dance with an athletic, modern spirit. Described by the New York Times as "electrifying" and hailed by the San Francisco Chronicle as "a local treasure," Moses’ inventive vocabulary of movement articulates a historically-informed African-American aesthetic. The company handles subject matter based on social issues such as race, class, and gender, as well as exploring purely movement-based concerns. By emphasizing the voices of his African-American heritage, Moses has produced works that have earned regional, national and international recognition.

Antoine Hunter REVIEW with PUSH DANCE!!

PLease Share with other!!
Hi Everyone,

Here is dance-critic review of the show. She wrote last Dance Spirit review. Wendy was able to catch FridayNight’s performance.

******************************* Review*******************************

This weekend, I caught the season premiere of San Francisco-based PushDance Company, a contemporary group formed by emerging choreographerRaissa Simpson. I caught Simpson’s act last year, when the company wasquite green, yet still had a great deal of depth and potential. This year,their growth is apparent. Here’s a video promotion for the company’s homeopener:Simpson has made a name for herself as not only a fine choreographer, butas an all-around visual artist, combining film and technology seamlesslywith her works. In one number, streaming sands, choreographed by MarinaFukushima, dancers mimic tiny sand particles as they’re lifted anddisplaced by streams of water. Behind them, a projected film displayswater drizzling down a sandy backdrop. The film doesn’t distract from thedancers, as is often the case when multi-media pieces are presented.Instead, the dancers help to embody both the movement on the screen andthe crescendos in the music.Therein lies Simpson’s huge talent: Capturing the rise and fall of musicalclimaxes through movement. In her final number, Post Meridian, dancersperformed an exhausting piece full of energy and quick, unexpectedtransitions. The result was an exciting, captivating dance. Audiencemembers were entertained, and you could tell the dancers truly enjoyedperforming it as well.Another noteworthy performance is that of guest artist Antoine Hunter, ahearing-impaired dancer who has danced with Savage Jazz Dance Companysince 2001. Hunter performed a gut-wrenching solo with valleys of achinglyslow, isolated movements dotted with peaks of shaking, flailing, andleaping across the stage. The contrast in his dancing had me on the edgeof my seat. This man really FEELS his dancing in a way I bet those of uswith perfect hearing never could. He’s an inspiration to all otherdancers.All in all, Push Dance Company and Antoine Hunter were well worth my tripto San Francisco. To learn more about these wonderful artists, check outPush Dance’s website or Antoine’s website.
Visit Web site--Push Dance CompanyConceptual Artistsdance + technology

Here Mine
Antoine Hunter
Urban Jazz Dance Company
www.pushdance.orgPUSH on Youtube:
Antoine Hunter


Urban Jazz Dance Company


Co- Director

Urban Ballet

Antoine Hunter Perform for PUSH DANCE

Antoine Hunter Performing for
PUSH DANCE COMPANY2008 Home Season Short Stories 3April 4-6, 2008Friday April 4 Opening Night Galaw/ guest Bay Area Dance Companies (((((((((((Antoine Hunter))))))))), Bernice Toy & more! 7pm Reception 8pm PerformanceSaturday April 5 8PM PerformanceSunday April 6 5PM MatineeChoreography by Raissa Simpson and guest Marina Fukushima & David Herrera$20 Gala (Apr 4), $15 general, $12 stu/sr. Discounts for groups of 10 or more available.Tickets/ Res. 415.505.5628 or info@pushdance.orgDance Mission Theater3316 24th Street (at Mission) SF, CA 94110