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Monday, December 9, 2013

Antoine Hunter thanks Honor Nelson Mendela

As Antoine Hunter and As BDA President Hunter- I want to share a story about my experiences..

Many people Do not know but My 1st Black History Report was Nelson Mandela - "What African American Inspired you?" - . We didn't have Google like we have today. I had to go library READ and find out who inspired me. I remember looking at many books. took me two days everyone else took 1 hours. Finally I put many book together adding most recent dictionary book.

His believing " “No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite." - Mr Mandela - made me who I am today as well.

I believe I forgot that...Fail to realized his words stay with me all these years.. Made me "too nice" or "Too aggressive to protect and bring people together even those who dislike you"

Black white yellow or blue, Deaf, Hearing, blind, disable, able body and the Addams Family are to different to me for we all have a heart and bleed..  Said me - @Antoine Hunter.

During my 1st report on Mr Mandela, I decided to make his home Flag with Mr Mandela picture on it. 8 pages long using old IBM or Apple computer and slow huge long loud Dot matrix printing or impact matrix printer . Have to take off the dot paper from the side and my teacher David McGrath gave me A plus plus..

He is my true Roles model - Someone I look up for many years, in honoring him few years created Solo Called " Music Is my air" using music called "Mannenberg" By (Abdullah Ibrahim)..

Asked in an interview how the title came about, Ibrahim said: "Because Basil was from Manenberg and for us Manenberg was just symbolic of the removal out of District Six, which is actually the removal of everybody from everywhere in the world, and Manenberg specifically because… it signifies, it’s our music, and it’s our culture…"

It was said  For the first time ever, Abdullah Ibrahim, formally known as Dollar Brand, went to Robin Island, where Mandela was imprisoned. All forms of music were banned. A lawyer smuggled one of Abdullah's songs into the control room, blocked the doors and played it over the loud speakers. Mandela's first sound of music in decades. You can watch the video here

But today is not about Abdullah Ibrahim's work but about Nelson Mandela - who  27 years in prison and led to the dismantling of the country's racist and brutal apartheid system..

Because Oakland, Ca Is my home and many do not know we have many wonderful History.. I deicide to share this video with my Bay Area people and honor him.. I know my Bay Area People agree with me - He inspired us in many ways and he a true peaceful icon!

ENJOY THIS VIDEO - Nelson Mandela In Oakland, CA- June 30, 1990-
Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums speak and YES of course ASL interpreter (Sorry I dont know the interpreter name if anyone know I'll be happy to add her name) -


I still joke about this report - I should had fail know why - He wasnt African American

Friday, November 8, 2013

Important message from Mr President Antoine Hunter

This is President of Bay Area BDA Antoine Hunter speaking -
I want to inform you we (Bay Area Black Deaf Advocate Chapter), are having a HUGE TOWNHALL  meeting Nov 9th 2013 in San leandro, Ca at the Deaf Community Center - which is near the San Leandro bart. The address is 1550 San Leandro blvd..There will be a townhall meeting- Down below our Vice president explain why we are having this meeting but 1st I want to inform you that everyone is invited!!! 

Deaf People of color and Deaf White , Hearing people of color and Hearing white, who know sign or no signs, Parent and not parent.. EVERYONE is welcome. We ask all those to come peaceful and bring your people and share the news. 

 Everyone.. This is all positive movement. This is the time to come together, meet and speak. To show each and everyone faces in the community. To find out who truly stand by our people of color, young and old. Who truly seek growth in our Deaf People of color community... many of my friends who are themselves  not the people of color are planning to come and support - they are also Hearing and Deaf. 

The community doesn't need to always come together for just beer, party, funeral, sorrow, riot.. for this is not BET's Award where some fear a fight will break out due to rappers and MVT related... Do not allow TV to label, and lies to you or blind you about people of color.. let go the stereotype and let that chain - break free.. and if you're from the past come support to build a better future for you and others.. Scary, because many people of color in one room?? .. No, but simplifying, us coming to to improve the school system and community.  Most people are scare or afraid of what they don't know.. Come learn and share your knowledge - most war happen because people never take the time to understand each other needs and respect them.

I remember when there were a time where people were scare of the Gay Community in one room.

If you truly wish for such blessing of unlimited abundance in community then we need your support. We need everyone wisdom, thought, energy, motivation, strength and weakness - I say weakness because it keep us humble and always learning, plus growing. 

This meeting is not about complaining- That won't do any good. Everyone will get a chance to be heard. This meeting is about how to we fix the system. Correction. I want to be sure that ALL people of color have our attention. This is not a People of color VS White issue. No, we are educating what all people need, however we want to push to encourage getting all people of color need are met. Youth people of color in the school system of Fremont CSD is becoming more unhappy and their spirit and support is nearly no where to be strongly found. A lot of parents that I've met who are well educated people of color are telling me after the 1st or 2 years of CSD trying - they take their children out and put them in a hearing school or move to other state. That's not fair for anyone,  so that had to change. This will be the start. If more students of color come then the school would be getting more support to grow instead of closing CSD. I don't want to sound dramatic but it sound like our people of color is dying slowing. Support spotted there and little there is the same with living with little water and air there. We want to fix it, and find a method that work so that everyone can breath and live with proud spirit. 

There is a town hall taking place by three organizations; National Black Deaf Advocate, Bay Area Black Deaf Advocate Chapter, and Deaf Counseling, Advocacy & Referral Agency. 
I asked myself
If they don't show up doesn't that mean they are not our allies?"
"We will know who are not our allies if they do not show up." 
(You don't alway need to be present -show full support as getting the words out and supporting- that's how you are being present but even more when you are there. If one sit there and no nothing then sigh - that the kind who are not really with us. Stand with us together united for the bettering our community) 
If have any questions please feel free to contact us anytime!
for Phone appointment please reach Ms Marcelle our Secretory and she will direct you to right person to speak with. All appointment must be made by her - email 

Words from our Vice President Samuel Holden 
I have put together a report to fill you in what we discuss at the recently board meeting. This is summary what we discuss and plan of action. I did video and post it on face book. I strongly encourage you all to check face book from time to time with latest information regards to Town Hall meeting.  Here video that was post on face book. ( can copy and paste it and watch the video) 

-Town Hall Meeting NOV 9th ( 6pm to 9pm)
Addressing concerns mainly with CSD and other Deaf school across America. I have came up with plan called '5 Point Plan'  We hoping we can set an example and hoping other will copy. In our town Hall meeting we will be doing  5 point plan agenda,   first we will explain reason why we having this Town Hall meeting, second we will have panel made up with ( former students who went to CSD, and who current students, former Black Deaf teacher who left CSD, we will invite Black employee from CSD,  current Black Deaf Professional who are qualified to be teachers who have applied at CSD and never got interviewed.)  . Third we will be coming up list of demands that we believe will benefit our Black Deaf Students at CSD and put a time table on each demand.  Fourth we will spell out the consequence if these demands are not met. Fifth NBDA's officers will be recording all conversation and demands. They will send the demand letter to CSD and will keep an eye on this closely to ensure action is being made on either side.
I have contacted Dr. Ronald Stern who current & Ed Basso who was past president of C.E.A.S.D. ( Conference of education administrator of Schools & Program for the Deaf)  Purpose I have invited them( 1 of them) to be part of the panel for town hall.  I have asked them to provide some information with our Black Youth for past ten years and that my chapter need this information for Town Hall to ensure we giving out the correct information.  Information we have will show other wise and base on our investigation for past year and half. 
-Legal and Advocate
-We have retain legal counsel to protect our chapter in regards what can be said and what not to be said in town hall. We have develop talking point for our board members to response the same way for now until we have town hall meeting.

-We have also reached out to a NAACP in Sacramento to work with us and they will be sponsoring the town Hall meeting on the 19th. As of tomorrow I have to drop off some papers and it will be done deal. We already found location and secured the spot for this event.

What future plans going forward until Town Hall meeting happens:
-Tonight once video is approve by the board, my VLOG will be posted on our face book and we will be sending it out to many organization.  This video summary why we having Town Hall meeting and what our plan of action etc. 
-Going forward each day board member will host VLOG sharing their experience going to CSDF with no black deaf teacher or black teacher as role model.  We hope other will post their experience as well too.  Here first VLOG, and there will be more coming tomorrow from other board members.
-We will work with, I Deaf News,  California Association of the Deaf, NorCal, Deaf and Hard of hearing Service, and few hearing mainstream school to get words out so community can come and watch the Town Hall meeting
-We will like to invite NBDA board to come to this event or perhaps send at the least Vice President or President to record this town Hall meeting and to help hold every one accountable.  We hoping this can be worked out where we can show Unity to the community. 
If have any questions please feel free to contact us anytime!
for Phone appointment please reach Ms Marcelle our Secretory and she will direct you to right person to speak with. All appointment must be made by her - email 
Please share...
Thank you 
Mr. Antoine Hunter (
Bay Area Black Deaf Advocates
Office Video Phone # (510)-575-9711 - please share 

Please Join our facebook
Facebook/BAY AREA! BDA (Black Deaf Advocates) 
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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Antoine Hunter With Holly Shaw - Flamenco Portal !!

Antoine HunterHello Folk -
This concert is going to be really exciting because I am doing something new with a wonderful spirit Holly Shaw.
The work is very special because it a true communication forms in this dance. I've found myself really open and able to be me. Such blessing to commicate to learn about myself in so many level. A Urban (me) to Flamenco dance that I've never done before. Very smoking HOT in gentle ways! this dance is not to be missed please read below what Ms Holly Shaw had to say and share.

Flamenco Portal 
a performance of transformative works by Holly Shaw

What is on the other side of "Effort"? When we allow ourselves to flow and play in the creative sandbox that we've each made out of our lives? What if style, genre, the forms we study, are just arbitrary choices - serving as the doorway, the portal, through which we can step into expansion of our highest selves?

This Thursday!! 
September 19th
(doors at 7)
Berkeley Rose Labyrinth
2138 Cedar Street
Berkeley, 94709
Tickets $10-$20 

With Dancers:

Antoine Hunter

Rebecca Siegel

Anya de Marie

And Live-Musicians:
Laura Inserra 
Dara Roberts
Esteban Bello
Program includes a re-mounting of Holly's 
Solea por Bulerias with Cane 
and her contemporary piece,
 Effort and the Triumph of Being, 
as well as new pieces such as 
Heavenly Creatures,
a pas de deux with Antoine Hunter to Bizet's Carmen.
You'll also get a work-in progress sneak preview of her work 
that's being commissioned by West Wave Dance Festival
The Outlaw
with dancers Rebecca Siegel and Anya de Marie

Gracing the evening with their live-music compositions will be
multi-instrumentalist, Laura Inserra,
vocalist, Dara Roberts,
and flamenco guitarist, Esteban Bello
providing accompaniment as well as original musical solos.

HollyShaw Holly Shaw is a professional dancer, choreographer, and creativity coach based in the San Francisco Bay Area for over a decade. While principally a flamenco dancer she has also studied contemporary modern dance, as well as other ethnic dances, and those techniques and sensibilities tend to weave themselves into her work as choreographer and coach. For the last several years, Shaw has performed as a soloist with the internationally renowned company, Caminos Flamencos, worked as a freelance choreographer, and also produced the Eve's Elixir Project, a platform for artists of contemporary world dance wanting to bring new ideas to traditional dance forms, producing several shows in the San Francisco Bay Area. She currently coaches artists of all types, teaches dance composition workshops, performs, and produces The Sunday Salon, a quarterly performing arts showcase. Her latest work, The Outlaw, has been commissioned by the West Wave Dance Festival, to be premiered October 5th, 2013 at ODC. To find out more about how you can become a thriving artist, please visit

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

DCARA Literacy Camp 2013: Movement Workshop with Antoine Hunter

You have to check out their blog

DCARA Literacy Camp 2013: Movement Workshop with Antoine Hunter: Antoine Hunter, a local dancer, joined us today and facilitated an energetic movement workshop.  We learned about various ways to move our b...

Movement Workshop with Antoine Hunter

Antoine Hunter, a local dancer, joined us today and facilitated an energetic movement workshop.  We learned about various ways to move our bodies and how we can create a story using movement.

The video shows our process and at the end you will see our movement story "Freeing the Bird."

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Remembering Deaf night out at YBCA

MAY 28, 2011
Grand Lobby
Main Galleries


Sometimes analogies are the best descriptive device. If Big Idea Night is a Camaro, then Smart Night Out is an Aston Martin. At our debut SNO, we'll explore the concept of quiet as it relates to contemporary art and performance. Joanna Haigood, choreographer and Artistic Director of Zaccho Dance Theatre, will create a series of short movement meditations where visitors/participants will follow simple, yet evocative movement scores that interact with the gallery artwork and architecture. Guests can also participate in a silent dance party, enjoy culinary delights (for an additional fee), eardrum preserving ambient sound art, and engage in workshops with artists featured in our Daily Lives exhibit. SNO is a decidedly different affair that retains the same boisterous and aesthetically promiscuous spirit as our Big Idea Nights. So nevermind the weather and come play in the SNO! And, as always, your donations and purchases at our free events help to keep them free!
Silent Disco | You've seen the pictures. You've read the CNN article. Now experience a headphone dance party yourself! In collaboration with promotional and event sponsor Silent Storm Sound System, YBCA brings you the ultimate quiet dance experience. For $5, you can rent a headset and twist to classic soul spun by the Hard French geniuses, or wild out with international bass enthusiast Kid Kameleon! Can't decide what to listen to? Fear not — there are two channels, so switch it up!Limited headset availability — first come, first served! $5 rental fee includes a $1 drink discount! To prevent loss, YBCA will need to hold your ID while you enjoy your Silent Disco headset experience.
Get High Now with James Nestor | Trippier living without chemistry! Alter your consciousness via hallucinatory breathing and far-out sound frequencies in this workshop led by renowned author and adventurer James Nestor [LINK: ], who has written about architecture, alternative fuels, popular culture, and more for National Public Radio and The New York Times, and more. His column, "Too Much Tech," appears in ReadyMade Magazine. He is currently finishing the book, OUT THERE: A Year in the Weird Science of Enlightenment to be released in late-2011. Space is limited!
Movement Meditations with Joanna Haigood | Acclaimed choreographer Joanna Haigood has created a score of DIY movement exercises designed to be performed in unspoken dialogue with the Song Dong exhibition. Participants will select cards illustrating these movements and will be encouraged to perform them alone or together. Space permitting, all are welcome to participate in this unique hybrid of performance and visual art!
Body Harmonics with Grand Master Greg Yau | A research paper published in the National Academy of Sciences demonstrated that hand gestures, or mudras, stimulate the same regions of the brain as language. Join Greg Yau, founder of the Grand Harmony Wing Chun School, in an interactive workshop where participants can hone their mudra skills and get psychically centered.
Silent Dance with Antoine Hunter | Oakland-based choreographer/dancer Antoine Hunter is a founder of two celebrated local dance companies and has performed worldwide with several troupes. His Deafness has not stopped him from making his art—it’s arguably enhanced the intuitive, sensual nature of his work. This workshop will be free of any auditory stimulation and will focus on the nonverbal power of bodily expression and gesture.
Incidental Soundscapes: High and Low by Steve Rowell |
Internationally exhibited artist Steve Rowell assembled field recordings from a recent trip to the Svalbard Global Seed Vault. This remote location proved to have a surprising soundtrack both natural and engineered. Kick back in our Screening Room with his audio-visual exploration of these aural landscapes and ponder the meaning of silence. An intermission piece will feature incidental ambience of the supersonic airspace of the Mojave desert. Generously co-presented by Long Now Foundation.
And as always...
Food! For sale from a delicious and sustainable (and affordable!) local food cart!
Drink! Creative cocktails, beer and wine for the 21+ crowd!
Exhibits! Our three Visual Arts exhibits will be open late: Song DongEuan Macdonald , and Daily Lives!
Special thanks to our silent disco sponsor, Silent Storm Sound System, and our co-presenters, the Long Now Foundation.
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  • Smart Night Out
    May 28, 2011 7:00pm – 11:30pm
    Grand Lobby