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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Antoine Hunter performing September 20th is our 3rd ASL Celebration Sacramento Capitol

Hey Folk!!!
If you in the Capital please come join me!!!! 
This coming Thursday, September 20th is our 3rd ASL Celebration which will take place at the Sacramento Capitol.  Please share this vlog with others who believes that it is important to protect, promote, and preserve American Sign Language!  California Association of the Deaf is PROUD to host this exciting event and we welcome you all to celebrate this day with us.  This is also an opportunity to kick off International Day of Signed Languages.


ASL Celebration Chair- Don Lee Hanaumi and his wonderful and dedicated committee

California Association of the Deaf Executive Board
Daniel Girard President
Michelle Hughes, Vice President
Secretary, VACANT (If interested in being our Secretary- please contact me at
Dodi Ellis, Treasurer
Julie Glenn, Membership Director
Director at Large (Northern California), VACANT (if interested in being our Director at Large for Northern California- please contact me at  Tim Riker will continue in this role until the new person steps in.
Marla Hatrak, Director at Large (Southern California)
Ralph Singleton, Past President

Bay Area
Central Valley
Los Angeles
North Bay
Orange County
Palm Springs
San Diego
San Jacinto Valley

CAD Youth Program

California Home for Adult Deaf (CHAD)- CHAD will be celebrating its 60th Gala on Saturday, October 13th.  For more information, check their website

Special thanks goes to NorCal for their outpouring support for CAD ASL Celebration!  Hands Waving!!!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Antoine Hunter perform Live at 10th Annual G.L.A.D Benefit House of BLUE!

Hey everyone exciting news again,
1st before I say Anything else I wanna give thanks to the creator for creating dance as a part of my gift to share to the world, the angels that give me inspiration, my Mom and family who Cheer me on, my dancers who give trust me as their leader, Zula who give me reason to get up, and Racha who remind me of "Gye Nyame"! And to my friends and fans who push me to my limit!

In few days I will be performing  Live at 10th Annual G.L.A.D Benefit House of BLUE!
 I think this a wonderful ways to support the community - I really hope that i show that we Deaf are one who also believe that nothing is impossible for us. I come from back ground where there was shooting, and low-come family and was told i will never reach my dreams- I refuse to believe that - I believe i will have a a beautiful career , I believe i will have a beautiful family, I believe I will have a beautiful live for it is my Dreams I will not give up !!! I worked hard to train and keep my faith - don't get me wrong there been a few time where i felt i should give up but i woke up again and call to DANCE AGAIN by the grace of GOD I SHALL DANCE!! It an honor to dance with wonderful on the same stage and present my beautiful Deaf people, African American people and the Bay Area wink!

Come support each Dreams and know all things are possible!!
So here what gonna happen!!

Program Lineup

*times are approximate and subject to change
6:00-7:15 p.m.:
Guest Arrivals
Red Carpet
Portraits by Tate Tullier Photography
GLAD PowerPoint Slideshow
Mix and Mingle
Scrumptious appetizers
Cocktails/Cash Bar
7:30-9:00 p.m.:
GLAD Program featuring special guests, live entertainment, real-time captioning and sign/voice interpretation
9:00-10:00 p.m.:
Music and Dancing
Meet and Greets
Dessert will be served

Celebrity Presenters and Performers


Past Players

A look at the past players of GLAD’s Benefit Extravaganza at the House of Blues! (2002-2011)
Friends of GLAD Marty Ingels, Shirley Jones, Jerry Ferris, Estelle Gardinier, Lupe Ontiveros, Tyrone Giordano, Shoshannah Stern, TL Forsberg, Deanne Bray, Troy Kotsur, CJ Jones, Jamie Lee Curtis, Bob Hiltermann, Sean Forbes, Marlee Matlin, Ken Paves and Eva Longoria.

Biggest GLAD Event of the Year!
We've locked down some of the entertainment.  Spread the word!
Check it out.  We will announce more next week.

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GLAD 10th Annual Benefit

Event Updates & News

We've got an exciting show taking shape!

Two weeks left to make the $100 donation.
Limited tickets available!

Entertainment Extravaganza!

Hosted by Ken Paves & GLAD
MC Sean Berdy

Contemporary Dancer - Antoine Hunter
Rock Sensation Camryn
Celebrity Presenter - Eva Longoria
 Rapper - Sean Forbes
 B Boy & Arial Dancer - Krazy Kujo
Celebrity Presenter - Amber Zion
....and more!! We will announce the rest next week.


Event Sponsors


This is so exciting!!!