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Friday, December 24, 2010

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Men Circle

You know everyday I alway visit a women circle, for birth, for whatever. I alway pray one day i do a men circle and man this show i did was a blessing to do. Those who saw it know that there should be more show like this. Why you ask because nothing is powerful than the truth.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Looking back!

Thing about the blessing
I guess it had been about 1 year now. One year from from thing i learn so much and past that. I never thought I thought I would grow so far. I grew and the blessing grew. I remember making up a dance would be just for fun and easy now it not just so much for fun it about the having something important to say.

I just to dance dance dance dance just jazz dance as if I was a young cat at a jazz club. Of course I had trouble time when I was growing up but i did not complain about it. Rather than complaining about my life i was just sad about it. Then later became to learn how to not just be sad about it - do something about it.

I was along no friend, no matter where i went it was hard to have a real friend- it seem like back then everyone had a friend that tag a long with them - but I never had that-

I was hungry, i was hurting, was flaming -

learn I learn to communicate in dance to let the world know I was their friend.
This is what this dance is about

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Antoine Hunter Dancing in: Epiphany Production (Sonic dance theater

I must tell you I really enjoy working with Kim this year- the work was no where what I expect it to be. I think many time people who are into arts world business often lose their humbleness. Kim had worked so hard to bring a large group hard well known dancers.

It was great dancing with them - I am really happy to dance with all of them. I hope everyone got home safe from the rain during the show. I got a lot of feedback about the show - we were da bomb! They love our park! They love how colorful we were, they love the monkey, bear, bird and of course the deer or what I called him ELK(By me Antoine Hunter)!

They love our dances. You all are very wonderful people who came to see the show. Every Year when I do the trolley dance, it wonderful to see how we move people. Rain or Shine; the people came to see TROLLEY DANCE. It is never anything about trolley dance to be taken lightly. It is really important show that hit the people - the community - OUR community. People are going through hard time these days and what we do bring smile back to their face. We allow them to dreams and run into dreams and out of reality for a little bit. That little be can be a lot for someone. The children and teenager are also impress. I alway love to educate the children. When I was a kid i saw none of these things, non even had the money to go anywhere to see arts of any kind.

I was struggling to get out there and see something different. My hand alway alway in duck poops. However I dance in my life the best I can just as we did in the rain. We were cold instead of complaining we just began to moves, dance, and look for a way to make it work for ourselves to get through the day in dance. I believe that the way to dance in life. Life is a dance, come in many tempo , and beats -every day, every minute.

Thank you all for the inspiration! Thank you for the laughters, the showing me the dance that we dance in this world!
I hope to see everyone next year.

Those who miss the show - I have to tell you we dance in the rain- there was nothing we could do about wet fast beat dance on grass
- Running with rain in your face not being able to see was like being a kid again! YAY- Jumping on tree, spin on grass. What more do you need !!!??

Antoine Hunter Dancing in:

Epiphany Production (Sonic dance theater ) @ Big Meadow in the Botanical Golden (Golden Gate Park)
The 7th Annual San Francisco
Trolley Dances

Fall 2010

Dance called:
"The Big Meadow Ball Come one, Come All"

Fall 2010
Choreographer:Kim Epifano
Photographer: Regina Fletcher
Dancer : Antoine Hunter

Here a small video if you miss the show- wonderful show it was -

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Antoine Hunter with Kim Epifano's Epiphany Productions presents The Seventh Annual SF Trolley Dances 2010

Antoine Hunter with
Kim Epifano's Epiphany Productions
The Seventh Annual SF Trolley Dances, Saturday & Sunday, October 16 & 17.

Kim Epifano's Epiphany Productions presents the Seventh Annual SF Trolley Dances, Saturday & Sunday, October 16 & 17.
Winner of a SF Weekly 2010 Best of Award for Best Public Transit Ballet

Trolley Dances 2010
Kim Epifano's Epiphany Productions presents the Seventh Annual SF Trolley Dances, Saturday & Sunday, October 16 & 17.
Winner of a SF Weekly 2010 Best of Award for Best Public Transit Ballet
Tours leave from the Harvey Milk Center for Recreational Arts at Duboce Park (Scott Street & Duboce Avenue). Tours travel Park to Park on the N Judah MUNI/Metro from Duboce Park to the SF Botanical Garden at Golden Gate Park.

1.5-2 hour guided tours leave every 45 minutes between 11:00 a.m.-2:45 p.m.

Free with a MUNI fast pass or with regular fare: $2.00 for general fare or $.75 for children under 4, seniors, and persons with disabilities

Epiphany Productions SDT
Joe Goode Performance Group
Sara Shelton Mann
Ensohza Minyoshu
Christine Bonansea 2x3 Project
Sunset Chinese Folk Dance Group

  • Please arrive early; tours are on a first come-first served basis (for more information about getting a "bracelet," see PERFORMANCE TOUR TIPS below)
  • All performances are accessible at no cost for the casual passerby, or for those who choose to arrive by bicycle, bus, car, or foot to each site.
  • Bicyclists can make use of a do-it-yourself-bike route map to each location, available at the event's starting point or right here online (map will be available 9/15/2010).
  • The public also stands to watch most performances, and there is moderate walking required to reach each performance site. Wear good walking shoes!
  • The weather will vary from site to site each day so dress appropriately and bring water.
  • For wheelchair accessibility, please arrive at 10:45 a.m. for the 11:00 a.m. tours on Saturday and Sunday. If you will be joining us on one of our wheelchair accessible tours, please let us know of your attendance by emailing Randy
  • Please enter the SF Botanical Garden at the main entrance on Martin Luther King Drive near 9th Avenue and Lincoln Way. Non-SF residents should say 'Trolley Dances' at the ticketing window.

  • Volunteers will begin to give out individual bracelets for performance tours at 10:00 a.m. on the festival days at the Harvey Milk Center for Recreational Arts.
  • Due to limited space on the trains, we can only issue 60-70 bracelets for audience members per tour. The bracelets denote the members of the performance tour.
  • Audience members can also 'create your own tour' by using their own transportation to travel from Duboce Park to Golden Gate Park, i.e., bike, car, foot, or MUNI 6/71 at Haight and Pierce Streets. Festival maps will be available at the event's starting point orright here online.
  • Performances by Sunset Chinese Folk Dance Group, Joe Goode Performance Group, and Christine Bonansea 2x3 Project will begin at Duboce Park every 45 minutes from 11:00 a.m.-2:45 p.m.
  • Performances by Sara Shelton Mann, Ensohza Minyoshu, and Epiphany Productions will begin approximately at the SF Botanical Gardens at Golden Gate Park every 45 minutes from 12:00 p.m.-3:45 p.m. These times will vary so please be patient.

  • At Duboce Park, time-limited parking is available along the streets around the park and Duboce Triangle.
  • At Golden Gate Park, there is time-limited parking along John F. Kennedy Dr., Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. and side streets within the park, but these streets tend to get crowded and are sometimes closed on weekends. Instead, visitors can park at the Music Concourse Garage, which is open 7:30 a.m.-10 p.m. every day, and costs $3.50 an hour during the week, $4 an hour on weekends (bicycle parking is free). The north entrance is at 10th Ave. and Fulton St. and the south entrance is at Concourse Dr. and Martin Luther King Dr. inside the park. Alternate parking is available at the UCSF Medical Center Garage at Irving St. near 3rd Ave. and costs $3 an hour.
  • Due to the expense and lack of parking, we recommend that people who will be driving to the festival try to carpool.


SF Trolley Dances was recently awarded Best Public-Transit Ballet by SF Weekly's 2010 Best of Awards. This year's performers include the internationally renowned Joe Goode Performance Group; award-winning choreographer and director Sara Shelton Mann; Kim Epifano's Epiphany Productions Sonic Dance Theater, curating the festival and presenting a new site-specific work; Japanese folk dance and music ensemble Ensohza Minyoshu; Christine Bonansea 2x3 Project; Sunset Chinese Folk Dance Group, with other participants to be announced.

A beloved San Francisco event since 2004, San Francisco Trolley Dances takes audiences out of the theater and into the streets to see the Bay Area's finest dance in San Francisco's finest venue Ð the city itself. Families, dance-lovers, visitors and residents alike are invited to discover and celebrate the city's colorful neighborhood life, the rich beauty of our urban landscapes and our diverse dance community.

Trolley Dances is a registered service mark of Jean IsaacÕs San Diego Dance Theater. San Francisco Trolley Dances 2010 is funded by the Fleishhacker Foundation, Grants for the Arts/San Francisco Hotel Tax Fund, William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, Lucky Star Foundation, Kenneth Rainin Foundation, San Francisco Arts Commission Organization Project Grant, and Zellerbach Family Foundation. This activity is funded in part by the California Arts Council, a state agency, as well as the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency. SF Trolley Dances 2010 is assisted by Biss Printing, SFMTA/MUNI, SF Recreation and Parks Dept., and Zebra Graphics, and supported by Whole Foods Market (Potrero Hill).

Check out the Epiphany Productions' website for more extensive tips, maps, and more
Audience members, who pay the MUNI fare or have a fast pass, can take the full tour, or see one or two events at their own discretion. All performances are also accessible at no cost for the casual passerby, or for those who choose to arrive by car, foot, or bicycle to each site. Bicyclists can make use of a do-it-yourself-bike route map to each location, available at the event's starting point or online. The public also stands to watch performances, and there is moderate walking required to reach each performance site. All sites are wheelchair accessible. For wheelchair accessibility, please arrive at 10:45 a.m. for the 11:00 a.m. tours on Saturday and Sunday. If you will be joining us on one of our wheelchair accessible tours, please let us know of your attendance by emailing Randy at
Again, for more detailed information about the festival or Epiphany Productions, please visit or contact us at
Volunteers Needed for SF Trolley Dances 2010!

SF Trolley Dances, a daring dance festival taking place on the streets of San Francisco, is seeking volunteers to help coordinate this dynamic event. Some of California's top dance ensembles will be performing site-specific pieces in public locations throughout San Francisco, with additional performances along the route.
Volunteers are needed to guide audience members as they ride the trolley from show to show, greet audiences, and coordinate dance sites.

If you love dance performance or if you just want to be part of one of the most unique, high quality events this season, then don't miss your opportunity to get involved. You will be rewarded with tasty snacks, a Trolley Dances T shirt, and an unforgettable day!

Volunteers are needed on the following days:
Friday, October 15 from 10am-3pm (for Kids on Track, the festival's education program for schools), and Saturday-Sunday, October 16-17 from 10am to 4pm.
Training Sessions are Saturday, October 9 from 12pm to 3:00pm or Tuesday, October 12 from 3:00pm to 5:00pm. **Please be advised that the extra hour on the Saturday training day is to allow for viewing of the performances and Q&A with the artists.**
3 hour and 6 hour shifts from Friday-Sunday are available
Tour guides and site coordinators must be able to attend ONE of the training sessions, be able to walk up to 6 city blocks, and be on their feet for at least 2 hours
We are looking for people who are enthusiastic, personable, outgoing, safety-minded, and genuinely interested in dance
Volunteers with cell phones are particularly needed

To volunteer, contact Hope Mirlis at or 404-822-8578.

See you there @
The Seventh Annual SF Trolley Dances, Saturday & Sunday, October 16 & 17.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Antoine Hunter in "Sailing Away" by Zaccho Dance Theatre

Welcome: Antoine Hunter in "Sailing Away" by Zaccho Dance Theatre

Antoine Hunter in "Sailing Away" by Zaccho Dance Theatre

Antoine Hunter / Mifflin Wistar Gibbs (1823-1918)

Zaccho Dance Theatre
"Sailing Away" (world premiere)
(a live site-specific performance installation)
Thursday October 7th through Sunday October 10th
Runs continuously between 1PM-5PM
Market Street (between First & Powell Streets)

Antoine Hunter in "Sailing Away" by Zaccho Dance Theatre

Zaccho Dance Theatre
"Sailing Away" (world premiere)
(a live site-specific performance installation)
Thursday October 7th through Sunday October 10th
Runs continuously between 1PM-5PM
Market Street (between First & Powell Streets)


We start from Market and Powell street then dance all the way down to 1st and Market street and back again for (!!!4hours!!!)
San Francisco, CA
Free event -- Open to the public

Joanna Haigood

Callie Floor

Performers / Characters:
Shakiri / newsie
Raissa Simpson / Sarah Lester
Tristan Cunningham / modern day
Byb Chanel / George Washington Dennis
Matthew Wickett / Archy Lee (1840- 1873)
Travis Rowland / Peter Lester (1814-1891?)
Antoine Hunter / Mifflin Wistar Gibbs (1823-1918)
Amara Tabor Smith / Mary Ellen Pleasant (1812-1904)
Robert Henry Johnson / Grafton Tyler Brown (1841-1918)

Artwork Description:
This work is drawn from the history of this specific site and echoes the distinct forces that still have resonance in the present. This performance installation piece for Market Street, "Sailing Away", will highlight the history of African Americans early contributions to the development of San Francisco. It will be embedded into the everyday activities of the Market Street scene, formatted in a continuous loop with fourty-minute cycles, and will be formated to the downtown urban environment of San Francisco.

The piece will feature eight African American historical characters from San Francisco; characters who lived and worked near Market Street during the mid nineteenth century. These characters will traverse the north side of the Market Street blocks between Powell and First Streets, stopping at points along the sidewalk. Historical narratives will be translated into a series of gestures and activities shaped in relation to each specific environment. Several monuments will be engaged as backdrops and metaphors. Each character will follow a score that will include brief interactions with other characters, occasionally making use of small props, at designated locations where they will create a series of tableaux. Interactions will illustrate the business relationships that characterize the commercial life of 19th century Market Street.

The sites that have been selected for performance activity are all public property. Sidewalks around the proposed performance spaces are wide, allowing spectators to stop and watch without disturbing pedestrian traffic or causing congestion.

At the top of each fourty-minute cycle all the characters will appear at the NE corner of Market and Battery Streets near the brass plaque that marks the early San Francisco shoreline. They will create a short series of gestures that are meant to acknowledge the exodus of African Americans in 1858. This is also a moment to reflect the invisibility and loss of African American history while commenting on current out-migration of African Americans.

Performance Background:
In 1854, San Francisco was the site of a myriad black-owned enterprises, including two joint stock companies, four boot and shoe stores, four clothing stores, two furniture stores, sixteen barbershops, two bathhouses, newspapers, and literary societies. Over the course of the following decade, many African Americans would choose to flee San Francisco and abandon their homes and businesses due to growing discriminatory pressure.

In 2008 the African American Historical and Cultural Society along several other city agencies commemorated the extraordinary exodus of African Americans to Canada in 1858. 2008 marked the one hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the sailing of The Commodore; a ship that carried African Americans from San Francisco to the British colony of Victoria on Vancouver Island. During the exodus, half of San Francisco’s African American population departed, including some of the city’s most prominent black figures. People, like Mifflin Gibbs, all took sail to leave behind the pains of racial discrimination and the resulting economic pressure. They left California for the same reason they originally came – in search of equitable treatment.

This event was precipitated by California’s admission into the Union as part of the Compromise of 1850. In exchange for passing The Fugitive Slave Act, antislavery advocates gained the admission of California as a free state, as well as prohibition of slavetrading in the District of Columbia. Ironically in 1851, in an attempt to discourage black migration to the state, extensive discriminatory legislation was passed in California, including the testimony restriction, which outlawed testimony by African Americans (also included Chinese and Native Americans) against whites in court. Cases where blacks would be robbed, beaten, raped or even killed had no recourse to justice if whites would not testify on their behalf. This new legislation mirrored slave state practices.

This story reflects the first of several African American out-migration events in San Francisco history; others include the redevelopment debacle of the 1960’s in the Fillmore district and the migration currently underway. About twenty three percent of the black population has left San Francisco in the past ten years.

African Americans and their histories are disappearing from San Francisco. The average San Franciscan would not recognize the names of Mifflin Gibbs or James Whitfield and yet they were national figures, working on behalf of all African Americans. This piece hopes to illuminate obscured histories and initiate meaningful dialogue around their subsequent legacies.

Antoine Hunter in "Sailing Away" by Zaccho Dance Theatre

Monday, October 4, 2010

What is Marriage ?

I had a dream and came to believe "Marriage means "union" between two people- and true and real marriage should compliment a relationship between a man and a woman(man to man, women to women, 2 people to whatever many) , help them experience true and positive growth together and keep them together as they prepare for the future- and not take away from it. " - Get that ok- it does not mean "locked in!"!- Antoine Hunter-

However I want to know how do you all feel about the word Marriage?
Are you marry but do not use the term marriage? I know a couple who been together for 20 years they hate the word marriage but we are together as if they are marry- they feel the word marraige will make them feel pressure and locked in and that they will have to be acted in certain ways but are together loving each other- what about you all share ur idea!! of MArriage !

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Antoine Hunter Performing for Deafinit Models Fashion show

I had a wonderful time performing for Deafint Models Fashion show.

I Did be Performing a few number there and I hope to see you all there again in the future.
Here a bit of the 411.

Who are they you ask?

“DEAFinit MODELS” began as a Deaf ministry:The Silent Word in 2001 by manager/producer Sheree Devereaux.

Devereaux found a need to help broaden and challenge mainstream ideas about using Deaf or even differently-abled persons within the Professional Basketball League and within the Fashion Industry.

These capable young men and women shouldn’t be invisible because of preconceptions or notions about their auditory challenges only.

DEAFINIT MODELS pushes the boundaries of contemporary modeling and the images of apparent perfection.

"Isnt' being seen in not heard on the runway what Models do anyway?"

For Immediate Release: September is Deaf Awareness Month.


Saturday, September 25, 2010 * City of LA* Woodley Park, Van Nuys, CA

Deaf Festival LA will showcase again the crowd pleaser and highly anticipated DEAFINIT MODELS Fashion Show. Last year 23 gorgeous Silent Beauties rocked the catwalk proving Beauty Speaks For Itself.

Fashion designers and makeup & hair artists look forward to donning high end collections and applying avante garde creations for these aspiring models, in support of their efforts to push the boundaries within the Modeling and Fashion Industries--that perpetuate contemporary ideas and images of apparent perfection and beauty. The notion of a deaf runway model has been literally unheard of until now!

Since the debut of DEAFinit MODELS last year several models have signed with agents, booked auditions, landed commercials with Verizon and IPhone, and print jobs with ATT, SPRINT and Wells Fargo, and had appearances on the television show GLEE.

This year’s Fashion show will feature a Children’s fashion show that will deafinit-ly be a show stopper.

DEAFINIT MODELS is a Model Management company exclusive to representing and advocating for the inclusivity of Deaf and Hard of Hearing men and women, aspiring to become fashion, fitness and runway Models within the fashion Industry.

Councilman Tony Cardenas 6th District hosts Deaf Festival LA, in conjunction with the LA Cultural Affairs Department, the City of LA Department on Disability and the CA Association of the Deaf. It is a unique event geared to bridge the gap between the Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing communities and the hearing community. The objective of the 7th Annual DEAFestival being held on September 25 at Woodley Park, 6350 Woodley Avenue, Van Nuys, CA from 12-5:30 pm is to recognize the achievements, talents and unique needs of the deaf and hard-of-hearing community. The event brings year after year 4,000+ members of the Deaf community as well as their families. It is not uncommon for the festival to attract individuals from throughout California and neighboring states such as Nevada and Arizona.

Sheree Devereaux
DEAFINIT MODELS 310/701-1287

If you think deaf people can not dance- you need to think again- WATCH!!

DeaFinit Models men in black at DEAFestival 2010 from JVFilms on Vimeo.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


WHOA WHOA WHOA! I am on front Page COVER! PLEASE Order your magazine go to and ( back order -it). There so much inside the magazine! It is beautiful!! All deaf should own this!!

I strongly feel that our community should read this magazine. It share many amazing things that is going on in this world of DEAF PEOPLE. Tell you who are out there trying to make a different and who is making a different. Bring deaf people for a big events and many things we should know in our deaf commnity- that is why I asking you all to get and Buy your magazine

I wrote to my friends and family

Everyone this is something that dont happen to me very often - I am on front cover of this Magazine- It is beautiful!
Never seen myself in most beautiful form! I ask you all to support this magazine because it is very honest and strong real magazine- Please order back issue of me in it and other people from around the world are in this. I know many of you seen Life Magazine well check this one out

check this out!

There is a whole Lot more inside the mazgaine ( dont miss it ) a lot of shock supprise of me in it!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Antoine Hunter Explain How Communicate with deaf people (Part 1) and (Part 2)

You know sometime I just gotta speak my mind when other people say this is too deep to talk abotut line or even i person- I say how will people learn from each other if fall to deep in their own worry. Here me - Speaking up for myself saying.... Tell me what you think!

Here is Part 2

Please tell me your comment - agree or disagree!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Antoine Hunter with Epiphany Productions: An Evening of Sonic Dance Theater, Africa!

You know the thing is I had a such a great time I thought I share with you the photo.
Let not forget that I am deaf dancer work with people who speak different language.

It was my birthday and felt wonderful to be dancing in africa- it was nothing like I thought it was - I guess we look on TV expecting lion to jump out anywhere but North Africa - there was no lion tobe seen but however a lot of fish!!! Since it close to the water you will alway be seeing or eating fish (wink)

Anyway to the picture

North Africa
March 2-9, 2010

Epiphany Productions participated in an international dance festival presented by Mad'Art Carthage in Tunis, Tunisia in early March. EPSDT performed "Kim Epifano's Epiphany Productions: An Evening of Sonic Dance Theater," a collection of the company's works. In addition to being the featured company performing on the final evening, Epiphany Productions taught workshops with disfranchised teens and adults inside and outside Tunis.

Performers Christine Bonansea and Antoine Hunter. Photographer for Alonesome/Twosome slide show:
Elazar Harel

Monday, March 1, 2010

Antoine Hunter is Heading to Tunisia, North Africa: March 2-9, 2010

Upcoming performances
in the Bay Area and abroad!

Tunisia, North Africa: March 2-9, 2010
Epiphany Productions will be participating in an international dance festival presented by Mad'Art Carthage in Tunis, Tunisia in early March. EPSDT will perform "Kim Epifano's Epiphany Productions: An Evening of Sonic Dance Theater," a collection of the company's works. In addition to being the featured company performing on the final evening, Epiphany Productions will teach workshops with disfranchised teens and adults inside and outside Tunis.

This is going to be off the hook! We are very excited and I so busy with my life I dont know How I got here but I am thankful and funny thing is March 4th is my Birthday - and I will be in Africa!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Antoine Hunter for 6th Annual Black Choreographers Festival

Feb 28, 2010 7pm at Dance Mission Theater!!

Honoring the Legacy, Celebrating the Next Generation" is theme of the 6th Annual Black Choreographers Festival
February 12, 13 and 14 at Oaklandâs Malonga Casquelourd Center
February 19,20, 21, 26, 27, 28 at San Francisco's Dance Mission Theater
Annual Showcase Features Concerts, Dance Conference, Youth Summit,
Symposium and Classes
Artists Celebrating the Next Generation:
Adia Whitaker (NY), Raissa Simpson(SF), Dahrio Hutton (LA),
Chloe Arnold (La), Jaime Wright(SF), Antoine Hunter (Oakland), Maia Sanai (Oakland), Tyler Knowland(PA), and more.
Artists Honoring the Legacy:
Deborah Vaughan, Robert Henry Johnson, Tania Santiago, Reggie Savage,
Kendra Kimbrough Barnes/Rosangela Silvestre, Corey Action Harris
4 November 2009 -- San Francisco, Ca: It is a legacy of triumphs and tragedies; of pioneers and pain. It is the legacy of the Black Choreographers Festival ( Now, in its sixth year, it is honoring the legacy and celebrating the next generation of the African American dance Diaspora. Hailed as âa fascinating festival with momentum on its sideâ (San Francisco Chronicle), the 2010 edition of BCF will span the Bay during February exploding with the many and varied forms of expression and many spheres of influence which comprise Black dance with artists from Oakland, San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles. From February 12 â 14 the Festival kicks off with a Dance Conference offering a weekend of master classes, choreography workshops, symposia and a Youth Summit for pre-professional youth at Oaklandâs Malonga Casquelourd Center (1428 Alice Street) then for two weekends (February 19 â 28) brings traditional dance, ballet, modern, jazz and hip hop to San Franciscoâs Dance Mission Theater (3316 24th Street). âThere is a community spirit here, in the finest sense of the wordâ (Voice of Dance) and âchance to find standout choreographers whose work should be seen far more oftenâ (San Francisco Chronicle). The annual Black Choreographers Festival is a co-production of the African and African-American Performing Arts Coalition and K*Star*Productions. San Francisco performances are co-sponsored by Dance Mission Theater.
âThis is a year to remember and renew,â said BCF co-producer Laura Elaine Ellis. âAs the election of Barack Obama showed all of us, âyes we can.â Like the political journey of the African American community, the journey of Black dance is one whose legacy is full of un-sung and un-danced heroes and heroines. In 2010, weâve put together a program which pays tribute to our roots and plants the seeds for future generations of choreographic artists.â
The Oakland events at the Malonga Casquelourd on February 12, 13 & 14 will feature :
A Dance Conference with Master Classes and workshops presented by Festival Artists and a Youth Summit featuring workshops and an informal performance, at 4pm on Sunday, February 14 highlighting Pre-Professional Youth Companies:
Dimensions Extensions Dance Ensemble
Destiny Arts
Oakland School of the Arts
San Francisco School of the Arts
On Demand
The San Francisco performances at Dance Mission Theater on February 19,20 & 21 will feature the following choreographers:
Adia Whitaker - New York
Robert Henry Johnson â San Francisco
Deborah Vaughan â Oakland
Reggie Savage - Oakland
Chloe Arnold - Los Angeles
Tania Santiago â San Francisco
Corey Action Harris â Oakland
Stephanie Powell â Los Angeles
Amara Tabor Smith â Oakland
Tania Santiago â San Francisco
Roseanglea Silvestre - Brazil
The San Francisco performances at Dance Mission Theater on February 26, 27 & 28 will feature the following choreographers:.
Dahrio Hutton - Los Angeles
Latanya Tigner - Oakland
Jaime Wright â San Francisco
Raissa Simpson â San Francisco
Tyler Knowland â Philadelphia
Rashad Pridgen â Oakland
Maia Sanai â Oakland
Antoine Hunter â Oakland
&artists from San Francisco:
Jetta Martin (San Francisco)
Sheena Johnson (Oakland)
Michal Velez (San Francisco)
All programs are subject to change.
âThe annual BCF is the most diverse dance event of its type in Northern California,â said BCF co-producer Kendra Kimbrough Barnes. âThis diversity is not just one of theme or community, but of talent. Whether the choreographers and dancers who take part are new to the form or part of a long lineage, our artists bring something fresh to every yearâs Festival.â
BCF concert series in SF made possible in part by generous support from the San Francisco Arts Commission and The San Francisco Foundation.
Non-profit Art Organizations Aaapac and K*Star*Productions have joined forces to present a comprehensive Festival celebrating the diverse artistic expression within the context of African and African American dance and culture. The festival strives to offer multi-faceted programming that addresses the needs of artists: networking, mentoring, training, outreach, and the community: affordable/accessible programming, cultural enrichment and arts education.
Events and performances of the 2010 Black Choreographers Festival are February 12, 13 and 14 at Oaklandâs Malonga Casquelourd (1428 Alice Street); February 19,20 & 21 and 26, 27 & 28 at San Franciscoâs Dance Mission Theater (3316 24th Street). Friday and Saturday performances are at 8pm; Sundays at 7pm; Family Matinee, Sunday, February 14 at 4pm. Post-performance curtain talks take place after Sunday evening show on February 21 and Friday evening show on February 26. Tickets are $15 general advance, $20 at door; $10 children 12-and-under and $5 tickets to Family Matinee. Tickets may be purchased online at or by phone for the following locations: Oaklandâs Malonga Casquelourd Center (888) 819-9106 / San Franciscoâs Dance Mission Box Office.: (415) 273-4633. For more information go online to
About the Black Choreographers Festival (BCF):
The Black Choreographers Festival serves the community by providing a forum to increase the visibility of African American dance. BCF celebrates the ingenuity and uniqueness of African and African American choreographers by highlighting the importance of the African and African American experience in dance. BCF integral to the Bay Area arts community as it presents local and national artists in a series of contemporary and traditional concerts, showcases, mentoring, educational programs, community partnerships, symposia and archival documentation. BCF endeavors to foster a new generation of audiences and supporters to ensure the longevity of both established and emerging artists. For more information visit
About The African & African American Performing Arts Coalition (Aaapac):
a San Francisco based non-profit organization, Aaapac was founded in 1995 by a collective of artists who were looking to create better performance opportunities for African and African American performing artists as well as produce shows that reflect the aesthetic and cultural representation of the African and African American experience. As AAAPACâs executive director, Laura Elaine Ellis has co-produced successful events such as the Labor of Love Dance Series, The Quilt Project: Pieces of Me, and the Black Choreographers Festival: Here & Now. Funding Awards for past projects
include: San Francisco Grants for the Arts, Ca$H, The Creative Work Fund, The Irvine Foundation, SF Arts Commission, Zellerbach Family Fund, The Walter and Elise Haas Fund and the Lef Foundation.
About K*Star*Productions (K*S*P):
Kendra Kimbrough Barnes founded K*S*P in 1996. The mission of K*S*P is to make cultural exchange experiences accessible to the community at large with a focus on African-American constituents. K*S*P attains this goal by forming alliances, traveling, producing concerts & master classes, hosting public symposiums, and providing professional development services. K*S*P has produced 13 seasons of the Kendra Kimbrough Dance Ensemble and has received funding awards from the Zellerbach Family Fund, Oakland Cultural Arts, the Irvine Foundation, the Alameda Arts Commission, and the East Bay Community Foundation.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Antoine Hunter is Performing for DCARA 1st PAH Deaf Black Culture event!

PAH! Deaf Black Culture Celebration
Saturday, February 20 2010, 3:00pm - 9:00pm

PAH! Deaf Black Culture Celebration
Saturday, February 20 2010, 3:00pm - 9:00pm

It going to be beautiful- HUrry get your ticket

Deaf Community Center (DCC)
1550 San Leandro Blvd.
San Leandro, Ca 94577
Across from San Leandro BART Station