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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Antoine Hunter Dancing in 2009 Sins Invalid: An unashamed look at sex, beauty and disability

This season I will be working with Sins InValid. I found myself thinking deep about my work. I thought I share the world what is it to be deaf. Of course many of you seen my youtube feeling about expressing myself as deaf and a dancer. Many people said this should be a solo- well I decided for Sins Invalid show is the place to do it.

I thought i would just do one dance and with music and a video express about dancing and being deaf. Some how it was not enough, later my Icon like Michael Jackson but Merce Cunningham die. I thought I pay an honor to him but using his idea. He often have many different kind of dance and many kind of music and mix the dance and music up. I love it however I keep one dance and the audience will get a chance to roll the dices and it will pick what ever those 6 different track music I have set up.

they would say "Antoine-DeVinci Hunter, an accomplished deaf choreographer/dancer, asks the audience to share the element of risk he faces every day as a deaf person by rolling a die, each side of which corresponds to a different sound score."

Then you will see me do the same dance again but NO MUSIC! I wonder what people will say!

Come see the show

8pm Friday, October 2nd
8pm Saturday, October 3rd (interpretation provided by Stage Hands)
7pm Sunday, October 4th
Brava Theater
2789 24th St. (at York), San Francisco [map]
For more info please call 510.689.7198

ACCESSIBILITY: This venue is wheelchair accessible. Although we cannot guarantee that this will be a scent-free event, we ask people to refrain from using scented products to create a more accessible environment.
WHAT: Sins Invalid is a performance event celebrating the power of embodiment and the tenderness of struggle, stripping taboos off of sexuality and disability and offering a vision of beauty that includes all bodies and all communities. Join Sins Invalid for a night of resistance to invisibility!
Please Note: Show contains explicit content
Artists include: Aurora Levins Morales, Cara Page, Antoine Hunter, Mat Fraser, John Benson, Maria Palacios, Ralph Dickinson, Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha, Nomy Lamm, Todd Herman, Leroy F. Moore Jr., Seeley Quest, and Patty Berne.
Supported by the Aepoch Fund, the San Francisco Arts Commission and the Zellerbach Family Foundation
Tickets are available online and for cash at the door on a first-come-first-served basis. $15 - $25 sliding scale; no one turned away for lack of funds. Shows sell out so buy your tickets early!

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