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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Antoine hunter on the ABC News For trolley dance!

Hey everyone,
Many of you know each year I do trolley dance for Ms Kim. If you dont know who she is by now, it mean you have not been keeping up with the blog- I say her name a lot.
I had a great time perform for Trolley dance this year- It was my own work instead of Ms. Kim's work- she allow me to do my own work. How I really enjoyed the enviroment - it was really different- I had My dancers perform with me at the last minute because we were invited to join the site at the last minutes- I need to say i never worked so long in a small space- it was making me work deeper and closer to myself because the space was small- I had to say how can I fit a duet and a solo that is so huge of a dance into a small space. Somehow I mad it work and many people enjoy it- I got many email and it a blessing to know I did right- I didnt give up!

If you didn't see me on the news go to this site
ABC News Channel 7.
It a great and i hope u have a wonderful day

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