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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Rest In Peace Tiffany Glenn (Love you Sis!)

Now that I might had finish crying....
I thought I take a minute.....
To honor a Dear Close Friend of Mine.....
Tiffany Glenn

When I move back to the Bay Area - It was like I didn't have anyone to really talk to and I didn't find other dancer struggling to dance on stage everyday- I remember meeting and dancing with Tiffany in San Jose, Ca. A ballet dance that was created by us.. mostly her.. I was living in Oakland, Ca and I knew having Rehearsal in San Jose was going to be a lot of work and a lot of money- However i knew there was something wonderful about her- she was my Partner for 2 duet dances- we perform 2004 San Jose Museum of Art tomorrow. I had so much - we were sweaty in good spirit. I love how she create the dance where you leave your partner touched. She was my fav-dancer to pick up while i had some bad and hard time with other dancer I had to lift or pick up- She alway lifted herself and it made it easier to dance and lift her lol.  After that we hadn't found the time to perform together again but we did keep in touch. In fact we share inspiring words to each other- we text message- we just kept in touch- while it was few years ago we were M.I.A then we reconnect 2008... Sharing things we do on email. Sending love to each other if any of were going to perform-

I knew of her battling Cancer for 6 yrs as I thought she look GREAT SHE GONNA LIVE FOREVER TO BE A REALLY OLD WOMAN. I guess I was wrong- God alway need a beautiful dancing Angel- However I am right She dance forever with us today- She really beautiful in everyday and I honor her today- I love you Tiffany Glenn - You're my Sis forever- 33yrs old is too young but you know - I know know it a blessing to know you!
(I don't know who took these picture or own them but i just honoring my sis Tiffany Glenn)

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