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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Amazing Ms Brooke !!

February 28 and March 1 at Laney College in Oakland. 

I had a really good time performing at the Black choreographer festival. It's was amazing ! I dance with zaccho dance theatre that weekend with Joanna Haigood. Wow, I believe we did a good job. As you know being A Deaf performer it ain't easy. 

After I performs our dance I decided to watch the show festival we were 1st to perform so now I can sit back and enjoy community artists. I saw another amazing spirit dance.

Sanie brooke in Rara Tou Limen Dance Company lead by director Portsha Jefferson.
That company is Afro-Haiti dance company. Very color company a lot of red, white blue and some brown, which I believe it the country color. The drummer were sweating with smile on their face, the back ground singer were swinging their hips side to side. 

The company were wonderful. Fillest with endless energy.. long long dance pieces.. I think it was 20 mins or so not sure as I wasn't timing it, but like I said I notice one amazing spirit that was on it with everyone else!

She came with very expressive face and strong physical movement. I would asks her a few questions.. Like, when you life your hands up to the sky; were you actually praising? When swinging your arms sharply, what were you chopping because it all seems so real.  She response presently with the music and her endless interaction was true to dance and her dance peers. 

This dancer seems really into the music. I notice another thing. She had hearing aids! That's what it was! She is a part of Deaf world! She so amazing !!!! I am not the only Dancer performing who is also part of the Deaf culture world, there is Sanie Brooke too.

I thank her for sharing her spirit and I know that it wasn't easy working with an hearing company but she show did dance flawless in my eyes. I was told she used to be in a Salsa dance company in San Francisco. 

I say this " You go girl!" I look forward to see you perform more. 

-Antoine Hunter 

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