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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Bay Area Deaf dance festival for the 3rd time!!

Welcome to 3rd annual of 
The Bay Area Deaf Dance Festival 
 The 2015 3rd annual  Bay Area Deaf (INTERNATIONAL)Dance Festival (BADDF) will celebrate the creative talents of Deaf and Hard of Hearing fine and performing artists in the disciplines of dance, music, painting, and handcrafted artisan wares.  It will include workshops in Deaf leadership development within the arts and will showcase the exciting results of collaborations between Child Of Deaf Adult (CODA),Hearing and Deaf artists.

In addition to San Francisco Deaf performers, there will be visiting Deaf Master and Emerging Artists from London, Mexico, Israel, AZ, NYC, DC, LA and more! Don't Miss Silent Auction from Deaf Painter! 

ODC Theater 
3153 17th Street
San Francisco, Ca 
(415) 863-9824

Date and Time: 
Fri, Aug 28 - 8pm
Sat, Aug 29- 8pm
Sun, Aug 30- 4pm ( family matinee-different program)
WaWa and Dj Nicar  visiting Saturday sell shirt (Sunday performing)

$30 at Door  
$25 on line
$12 Youth (under 10)
Group Discount (Please Call)  
$40 Lunch (2pm) and dance (Sunday Only) 
Silent silent auction every night

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