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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Antoine Hunter with Epiphany Productions: An Evening of Sonic Dance Theater, Africa!

You know the thing is I had a such a great time I thought I share with you the photo.
Let not forget that I am deaf dancer work with people who speak different language.

It was my birthday and felt wonderful to be dancing in africa- it was nothing like I thought it was - I guess we look on TV expecting lion to jump out anywhere but North Africa - there was no lion tobe seen but however a lot of fish!!! Since it close to the water you will alway be seeing or eating fish (wink)

Anyway to the picture

North Africa
March 2-9, 2010

Epiphany Productions participated in an international dance festival presented by Mad'Art Carthage in Tunis, Tunisia in early March. EPSDT performed "Kim Epifano's Epiphany Productions: An Evening of Sonic Dance Theater," a collection of the company's works. In addition to being the featured company performing on the final evening, Epiphany Productions taught workshops with disfranchised teens and adults inside and outside Tunis.

Performers Christine Bonansea and Antoine Hunter. Photographer for Alonesome/Twosome slide show:
Elazar Harel

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