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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

ASL MOM Teaching ASL to Birth Worker At TCBC!!!

I thought I take the time to write about something that I greatly feel is really beautiful going to happen in Southern California! Yes L.A!! You see I value family and I am a family man- I am man who want to have a family and hold my family tight together healthy and alive and protected... Yes i plan to have a family!

If you planning to have a family or a child,  you gotta thinking about what kind of birth you want. Well I tell you I been at few birth in my life and I would tell you Home Birth are the best!!! I didn't learn homebirth until 2011. My 1st home birth with my beautiful nombre/novia/amiga. It was so beautiful I would write a book about it but that another story. While my love and I commuicate with heart and spirit which was a blessing and yes of course she knew a little sign as a hearing woman who recently been in relationship with a Deaf person but we communicate from the heart and that help give a smooth birth.

You have to think who do you want to be at your birth- Family often people would say that but you need someone who know as much as a doctor - I would tell you get a Midwife!  What is that??

Well i went on midwife web site from TCBC.. and it said ..
" midwife is a trained professional with special expertise in supporting women to maintain a healthy pregnancy birth, offering expert individualized care, education, counseling and support to a woman and her newborn throughout the childbearing cycle. A midwife works with each woman and her family to identify their unique physical, social and emotional needs. When the care required is outside the midwife’s scope of practice or expertise, the woman is referred to other health care providers for additional consultation or care. "

I would tell you get a Midwife as I said before because most midwife don't treat us like rough Doctor- it like have a close friend or family there for you and take care of you whenever you call them.. Now as a Deaf Person !! Are there many Midwife that sign or are there Deaf Midwife??? I don't know many and in fact I wished for a midwives that sign however I am forever graceful for the beautiful wise midwife that was there during me and my love one times. Yet would other Deaf family want to have someone who sign or must pay for ASL Interpreter  and Midwife oh wow that going to be a lot of money - look like most Deaf either are blessing to know someone who Sign communicate for free - with midwife to help them through a smooth birth!  Reality That dont happen often no matter how beautiful birth is everyone want to get paid and of course family want to pay them for their beautiful time. Just too much money for people who are not really "rich of money" so... For the reason why i writing this blog...

IN L.A there going to be something really beautiful happening - August 24, 2012 @ 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm 


Ms. Racha Lawler who is a beautiful soul and a wonderful friend of mine.. Her passionate inspired me to continue what we do.. Serve our community -  While we both are lover of dance and arts, we both help community very different ways... Her ways is as Midwife ohh - Wait until you see her in action- she amazing spiritual person! Her 3 children are beautiful and so smart as a Star! I love her spirit alway there for any mother at birth! You can look on her web site for more information however you might ask me what or why am I talking about Ms Racha Lawler - Well she own a Birth Center called The Community Birth Center in L.A and had many beautiful midwives!! She decided to have a wonderful workshop called what??

ASL for Birth Workers

August 24, 2012 @ 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm 
Where:The Community Birth Center
2422 W Florence Ave
Los Angeles,CA 90043

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Birth Workers
The Community Birth Center

American Sign Language for Birth Workers -
taught by a certified ASL instructor and mama/client of  TCBC!’
TCBC ladies get a 50% discount.

Hey there all my L.A People if you doing Birth for living and want to learn ASL - then go here lol!!


How exciting is that?? That is great for Deaf Family who would be considering home birth- yes they are having a Certified ASL instructor teach birth worker and yes that involve midwife!.... Wait wait  I know you all my Deaf friend said "ASL Certified hearing woman" teach  why not a Deaf mom teach!! I say unto you all... This is a start!!! Trust me my great beautiful Friend would love to find many ways for Birth Worker to learn ASL! PLus She is Client of TCBC meaning she had a beautiful baby with them... Also, I am Deaf and I am a good friend of Ms. Racha Lawler a hearing passionate loving woman,  let me tell you her intention is to make sure everyone in the community is not left out to get the best of the best in their own home birth! Gay, str-8, race, disable are not kicked out to have a beautiful home birth and I sure she want to learn more ASL herself... I stand tall and clap hand and then hand wave applauding for starting something that can support Deaf family.. Trust me i seen people turn away just beautiful family was Deaf or Gay... So let all my Deaf friends give Support to The Community Birth Center and APPLAUDE FOR DOING SUCH BEAUTIFUL THINGS.  

My only hope that I hope they show my video from Youtube called "How you communicate with a deaf person" Because as Ms Lawler know, ASL is not about just sign word it about communication - I only hope she will share what she learned about Deaf Culture because Sign without understand Deaf culture will lead to misunderstanding - as I said before it was beautiful when she learning ASL- she became so more aware about her body language- without sign without awareness lead to many wrong word which is why I am so happy the birth worker are going there - A place I trust ASL and birth to grow smooth in our Deaf and Hearing community!! 

Everyone Know ASL is very important to me for the reason why I have many ASL group in the Bay Area.  Here in L.A you got something wonderful so get it Birth Worker and Thank you MS Racha Lawler..

If you like to learn more about them The Community Birth Center please go to their web site- 

KNow this!! No one ask me to talk about them- No one knew anything about me writing about this- this is me going with my heart saying how much i love what the TCBC is giving to the community- this is what i feel need to know to our community!  The community need to know they have something wonderful right there. 

Here their web site

All photo belong:
The Community Birth Center Web page! I do not own the photo! lol!!!

Antoine BABA Hunter
Psalm 46:1

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