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Friday, November 8, 2013

Important message from Mr President Antoine Hunter

This is President of Bay Area BDA Antoine Hunter speaking -
I want to inform you we (Bay Area Black Deaf Advocate Chapter), are having a HUGE TOWNHALL  meeting Nov 9th 2013 in San leandro, Ca at the Deaf Community Center - which is near the San Leandro bart. The address is 1550 San Leandro blvd..There will be a townhall meeting- Down below our Vice president explain why we are having this meeting but 1st I want to inform you that everyone is invited!!! 

Deaf People of color and Deaf White , Hearing people of color and Hearing white, who know sign or no signs, Parent and not parent.. EVERYONE is welcome. We ask all those to come peaceful and bring your people and share the news. 

 Everyone.. This is all positive movement. This is the time to come together, meet and speak. To show each and everyone faces in the community. To find out who truly stand by our people of color, young and old. Who truly seek growth in our Deaf People of color community... many of my friends who are themselves  not the people of color are planning to come and support - they are also Hearing and Deaf. 

The community doesn't need to always come together for just beer, party, funeral, sorrow, riot.. for this is not BET's Award where some fear a fight will break out due to rappers and MVT related... Do not allow TV to label, and lies to you or blind you about people of color.. let go the stereotype and let that chain - break free.. and if you're from the past come support to build a better future for you and others.. Scary, because many people of color in one room?? .. No, but simplifying, us coming to to improve the school system and community.  Most people are scare or afraid of what they don't know.. Come learn and share your knowledge - most war happen because people never take the time to understand each other needs and respect them.

I remember when there were a time where people were scare of the Gay Community in one room.

If you truly wish for such blessing of unlimited abundance in community then we need your support. We need everyone wisdom, thought, energy, motivation, strength and weakness - I say weakness because it keep us humble and always learning, plus growing. 

This meeting is not about complaining- That won't do any good. Everyone will get a chance to be heard. This meeting is about how to we fix the system. Correction. I want to be sure that ALL people of color have our attention. This is not a People of color VS White issue. No, we are educating what all people need, however we want to push to encourage getting all people of color need are met. Youth people of color in the school system of Fremont CSD is becoming more unhappy and their spirit and support is nearly no where to be strongly found. A lot of parents that I've met who are well educated people of color are telling me after the 1st or 2 years of CSD trying - they take their children out and put them in a hearing school or move to other state. That's not fair for anyone,  so that had to change. This will be the start. If more students of color come then the school would be getting more support to grow instead of closing CSD. I don't want to sound dramatic but it sound like our people of color is dying slowing. Support spotted there and little there is the same with living with little water and air there. We want to fix it, and find a method that work so that everyone can breath and live with proud spirit. 

There is a town hall taking place by three organizations; National Black Deaf Advocate, Bay Area Black Deaf Advocate Chapter, and Deaf Counseling, Advocacy & Referral Agency. 
I asked myself
If they don't show up doesn't that mean they are not our allies?"
"We will know who are not our allies if they do not show up." 
(You don't alway need to be present -show full support as getting the words out and supporting- that's how you are being present but even more when you are there. If one sit there and no nothing then sigh - that the kind who are not really with us. Stand with us together united for the bettering our community) 
If have any questions please feel free to contact us anytime!
for Phone appointment please reach Ms Marcelle our Secretory and she will direct you to right person to speak with. All appointment must be made by her - email 

Words from our Vice President Samuel Holden 
I have put together a report to fill you in what we discuss at the recently board meeting. This is summary what we discuss and plan of action. I did video and post it on face book. I strongly encourage you all to check face book from time to time with latest information regards to Town Hall meeting.  Here video that was post on face book. ( can copy and paste it and watch the video) 

-Town Hall Meeting NOV 9th ( 6pm to 9pm)
Addressing concerns mainly with CSD and other Deaf school across America. I have came up with plan called '5 Point Plan'  We hoping we can set an example and hoping other will copy. In our town Hall meeting we will be doing  5 point plan agenda,   first we will explain reason why we having this Town Hall meeting, second we will have panel made up with ( former students who went to CSD, and who current students, former Black Deaf teacher who left CSD, we will invite Black employee from CSD,  current Black Deaf Professional who are qualified to be teachers who have applied at CSD and never got interviewed.)  . Third we will be coming up list of demands that we believe will benefit our Black Deaf Students at CSD and put a time table on each demand.  Fourth we will spell out the consequence if these demands are not met. Fifth NBDA's officers will be recording all conversation and demands. They will send the demand letter to CSD and will keep an eye on this closely to ensure action is being made on either side.
I have contacted Dr. Ronald Stern who current & Ed Basso who was past president of C.E.A.S.D. ( Conference of education administrator of Schools & Program for the Deaf)  Purpose I have invited them( 1 of them) to be part of the panel for town hall.  I have asked them to provide some information with our Black Youth for past ten years and that my chapter need this information for Town Hall to ensure we giving out the correct information.  Information we have will show other wise and base on our investigation for past year and half. 
-Legal and Advocate
-We have retain legal counsel to protect our chapter in regards what can be said and what not to be said in town hall. We have develop talking point for our board members to response the same way for now until we have town hall meeting.

-We have also reached out to a NAACP in Sacramento to work with us and they will be sponsoring the town Hall meeting on the 19th. As of tomorrow I have to drop off some papers and it will be done deal. We already found location and secured the spot for this event.

What future plans going forward until Town Hall meeting happens:
-Tonight once video is approve by the board, my VLOG will be posted on our face book and we will be sending it out to many organization.  This video summary why we having Town Hall meeting and what our plan of action etc. 
-Going forward each day board member will host VLOG sharing their experience going to CSDF with no black deaf teacher or black teacher as role model.  We hope other will post their experience as well too.  Here first VLOG, and there will be more coming tomorrow from other board members.
-We will work with, I Deaf News,  California Association of the Deaf, NorCal, Deaf and Hard of hearing Service, and few hearing mainstream school to get words out so community can come and watch the Town Hall meeting
-We will like to invite NBDA board to come to this event or perhaps send at the least Vice President or President to record this town Hall meeting and to help hold every one accountable.  We hoping this can be worked out where we can show Unity to the community. 
If have any questions please feel free to contact us anytime!
for Phone appointment please reach Ms Marcelle our Secretory and she will direct you to right person to speak with. All appointment must be made by her - email 
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Thank you 
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