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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Thank you Oakland North reporting me as Deaf and not deaf..

Thank you Oakland North reporting me as Deaf and not deaf..

I wanna take the time to thanks By  and 
reporter students from Oakland North..
Oakland North is a news project of UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism.
These guys in my hometown decided to write about me and interview me about my work and working in my community.

Often time hearing people who interview always label me as deaf and not Deaf. 
Funny how it get. They asked to interview me and fight with me about the report of me as deaf...

These reporter not only took the time to interview me but come to a few of my spaces and watch me work and see me as a Deaf Artist and Deaf teacher. 

Jame email me his final draft: 
Hey Antoine, here's a link to the video, which just went up today. Would love to know what you think. 

Merry Christmas! <<- from="" lol="" many="" me-="" me="" note="" omgoodness="" p="" people="" so="" this="" tweet="" with="">

Dear James as I wrote back.. 

It was really good.. If you don't mind edit deaf into Deaf culture ..

Even the Chef editor of Dance Mag had to learned that I am Deaf and not deaf.. she was surprised and said learn something new in the forms of writing or naming us ..

f u say deaf it mean can't hear 

If you're talking about him as a Deaf person you say Deaf .. Yes he is  Deaf African American 

You can Google winki define Deaf culture. 

(Click the picture to play the video- give it a minute to load)

He was shocked and change all the deaf into Deaf. This is why i put myself out so that people can use me.
Honestly James could had ignored me and deleted the video and interview report. It happen to me before. Other writer would ignored me and if i complain more, they would take it down and my work is not shown to learn to the community. Still today writer find my work amazing but some really fail to listen- Am I the one really deaf or those hearing people being deaf???

Sometime when people interview me they leave out the my hand- which is how I communicate or speak-
If one going to off them off ( my hands) then you must do what add Subtitle or Closed caption ! They did just that!!

I honor them for supporting our Deaf people. So again thank you James and Rick !! for making the report and captioned video!!

If you like to see their page and they wrote please go here and please share!!! 

Peace love and dancing blessing
- Antoine Hunter

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