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Sunday, September 21, 2008

The time part 1

People getting worry about my Facebook , inter gram , twitters , I have to find way to share my story before too late... Don't wanna freak people out but where can I let my story be share..

I look back the story of my life is all backward told to people Cuzz I didn't wanna ruin anyone face and spirit while it burn my..

Why now:
Recently yesterday (9/21/2014)
I lost 3 jobs on the same day due to the fact I gave up two job for this job and this job decided to use me for future.. They say I'm too busy.. But I look at it as "their faith is not there".. Which is fine... None this bother me .. Here the thing..

My whole day is free, money gone, etc.. I was in awes because last two days I been early for everything work, meeting, etc for those who know me early is rare I'm talking an hour early.. Positive feeling.. 

After I was told I'm no longer needed for their show.. I walked outside no where needed to go.. Stood there...Emptiness... I saw vision ... I saw the sun... Drop on my body,  I saw hospital , I saw my ex fighting with herself to fly to see me with my child, I saw family laughing together in waiting room , I saw Deaf and Hearing Facebook messaging me, and I saw my enemy watching my YouTube .. I saw the funneral then I saw bus hit me.. Then I blink my eyes.. 

I thought I was day dreaming and feeling depress.. I thought about how robin Williams felt fighting depression .. I wonder if I needed help but I said naw  good.. It's fine to lose these job no matter how hard I worked .. Trying to be everywhere and people not respect the time mangerment but it's ok.. I'll suffer today and heal later is what or how I ninja through struggle of life.. 

I walked close to city hall in Oakland .. I had vision again a huge truck hit me.. I didn't see it, my guts said two choice if you cross the street you gonna die, if you don't cross the street u gonna get home really tired.. I decided to cross the street.. I don't kno why I did .. I look both way ... No car,no truck nothing.. So I walked then took my iPhone out my pocket ... And looked up.. A truck's side body was close to 2 inches from my face.. Of course I didn't  hear the car or see it.. I believe I got my warning .. Again 

Again ?:
Well in the month of March I had heart attack and faint on BART STATION two different day.. Few days a part and the heart attack came 1st..

While I was in London ... I was busy a lot and I had no down time until finally .. I started thinking about my life and turn on the tv in my hotel room..just before I turn it on my last word out loud was .. What the are they angels trying to direct me.. "Highway to heaven " can on the screen.. I said "shit" then I said " ops sorry forgive me" 

I took a picture I knew it was an warning .. I wasn't worried , I was happy , I figure they angels got big plan for me...

I'm back from London .. I'm getting email slowly jobs that was promises were fading away.. Like things came up on their ends., nothing to do so with me.., which was such bummer.. 

That's a was few days go.. But A few months ago I saw this .. Keep in mind both picture was the same week..

The crazy part is I was planning to go see my child that weeks.. Something came up and the mother wasn't happy that week with me...

I wonder if it missed me..reminded me of left eyes 

So I was reading robin Williams how in his movies he talk about his death and it happen a few times later.. April I talk to a wonderful ballet dancers about my funneral how I want people dancing and I been thinking about my tombstone .. What kind of man do you see? 

What will my child kno of me...

I began to see everyone don't kno my true real life story... 

The chain react 
The dance, 
The gay,
The cat, 
The friend 
The family 
My life in the Deaf community 
Is my story is like Naruto Uzumaki,... 
My dreams to loved by my own people.. Yet still outcast..

And like Uchiha Itachi .. Same way 

.. I knew at young age .. I knew I was gonna be someone important to the community but didn't know how.. 

Yesterday oddly there was two job that asked me be in it.. I said no to both and went to the rehearsal that I wanted to be in .. They said to me next time which is rare.. I wanted to go Deaf BBQ but too late.. 

A place I was outcast .. The same group who said to me should be "Banned for life from BDA" say such ugly things to me, " he didn't grow in in Deaf Institute, he don't understand Deaf"  I given my all, I was told all I care about is fame and they fail to see that supporting the community with my all.. Often time it's me working from behild 
Still they say where were right there.. I took the pix... I'm not about me I'm about us...

But I'm still going to support them.. No matter how much it hurt...

So now all I wanna do is share a bit of my story of my life knowing tomorrow is not a promises and I see my time is coming soon so.. Let get down... 

So you see where I'm going.. I'm not gonna kill myself hell no.. I just aware my days are coming soon.. And I wanna do as much as possible.. Share my story Cuzz no one kno as well as I will be all truth.. 

But hey I might see my birthday I might.. However I gotta wake up share my story at least for my child.. You all might call me crazy but you kno they said the same thing to everything I did my life.. 

No sad story .. Just part 1.. 

It's a great story... Nothing to be sad or fear.. It's just time now to write my story of my life and be aware my English is so bad lol ..

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