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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

( Let me ask you something is he or she is ur real friend if you almost die and you went to him/her for comfort and he/she went out with another who he/she just met a month ago who you knew for him/she wayyy longerr- and left you hanging for over 2 hrs even after you call that person again and say i need you?? Would you consider them your friend??)

How about something bad happen and u stuck another part of the world alone, hungry, and something really bad happen to you and you called who you thought was your friend and they say i cant talk now im going out running ? ( yeah it like dance class for me i gotta run)- can you call someone else- let me put you on hold. for a few hrs again?? Is that person your friend-?? then you wonder what up with putting you on hold when something bad happen?? and you alway been there for your friend but when it your turn they expect you to hold that thought and leaving hanging for over many hours and come help you just because they feel like it when you would be rushing to help them when they needed. when you there for them when they had been B.S.-ing about things? IS it a friend?

(((((of course the world doesn't stop for you but when doesn't a friend stop for you??))))

I remember i asked my friend for help and she left and help someone else who she barely didn't know. i left her because i remember being there so much for her and she was wasn't there- i remember when i left -she thought i would never leave- Antoine left - you see those other time i didnt leave is because i was trying to forgive and forget and be thankful she is here now and (Put faith to believe in her to be there for me) had some communication but she started saying i wanna new friend just because- and when i left said "but im here now to help" I said too late- All i know if the person wasnt there for you more than one time on most dangerous time of your life it mostly likely they never will. Even if they just sitting smoking i mean hey my friend i want to hang with someone else where i was like I need help Hello yelling for help- on my bad take a number-

i watch a man who was doing drug badly alway came to help his friend who was (alway) in trouble things- NOW this man does Coke and alway skip school and treat women like sex toy- and blah blah blah- well his friend is a cool dude alway doing good- but somehow alway ended up in deep crap- one day this good dude got his car in the mud, the dude call his drug doing friend to help him, I watched him jump away from the TV went to the bathroom ran out to his truck and drove 3 hrs to get him it was 1am-ish and took him home then drove back out without letting anyone know where he was going- to find out he went back looking for the car and tow it back with his truck where it was so dark out- and help him get it fix later on.

to me that a friend- i have seen so many on-line friend been there for someone in the most dangerous time of their life - where they send them money and things that are helpful and u never met them in ur life- i have seen it more than one time- thats a friend-

A real friend
Listens with the heart
And never stops believing in you
Even if you give up on yourself

A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.

I also believe a real friend is a person who lets you walk beside them on their journey through life, through both good and bad times.

A real friend makes you smile even though you don't really feel like it.
Oh, yes, and a real friend gives you a smile in return

My true friends are those who aren't afraid to confront me. And because we are friends, there's no chance of losing the friendship over it. It withstands it all. Anything less and you simply have an acquantance on your hands.

In good friendships, both people contribute and consider one another equals.

Shared Responsibility
Friendships need to be cared for. In a strong friendship, both people feel responsible for it, and that means both invest their time and energy to make it work.

Real friendship is based on mutual honesty and trust. One way to build trust is to take the risk of sharing more and more about yourself.

Good friends are around when you need them. Regular contact helps a friendship deepen. It's like caring for a plant. You can't just water it every now and then, and expect it to grow.

Friends should generally make your life more fun. It's true that you should be able to bring your hard and scary feelings into a good friendship and get support. But if you seldom bring your excitement, joy, silliness, humor, and playfulness to it, you have more of a one-person support group than a friendship.

Wide variety of interests
High quality friends are interesting and interested in life. They're learning and growing and able to contribute to the relationship. Being bored together or always hanging out in the same place shows you have some things in common, but doesn't give your friendship much energy.

Alike and different
Having some things in common is important. You automatically have ideas to talk about and activities to do together. But it is also important to have some differences. Friends who are different from you can bring out different parts of you, and help you discover new ideas and interests. Too much alike is boring; too different makes it hard to relate.

Good friends will be with you when the going is tough. They can also give you room to be crazy and make mistakes. They will forgive your behavior still like you. Real friends don't to gossip about you because they know and trust you.

Real friends are interested in the details of your life. They remember stuff about you like your birthday and other special times. They remember your current fears and concerns, and ask you about them occasionally. They share in your joys, and hurt a little when you are in pain. They pay attention to your life, and let you know they care.


Thoughts are forms of energy and produce their exact genetic offspring. Good thoughts produce good; selfish actions lead to repeated dissatisfactions. Congruency between our words, feelings and actions, keeping our intentions for the highest good, breeds happiness in friendship.

"The life may be falling hard outside,
But your smile makes it all alright.
I'm so glad that you're my friend.
I know our friendship will never end.

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