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Sunday, July 30, 2017


#iknowSomeone I saw many things as a teenager and didn't know what to do and that I will never be able to forget. They would tell me don't say anything. That pain of not saying anything is Still painful today

#iknowsomeone and I know that pain.

#iknowsomeone and I fear for our children but I'm educating my family, my friend, my community so that we can create a safer place for our children because we share awareness and know that if something bad happen it not the victims fault. Not At all. Not at all. 

#iknowsomeone the word rape will never be an easy word to use but we must use that word to stop abuser. 

Boy, teenage boy, and men experience many factor of rape. #iknowsoneone who ended their life. Antoine Hunter

Girl, teenage girl, women experience higher percent here in America and I believe in other part of the world too. 
The abuser can be their husband, #iknowsomeone who said never go out to dance because of the experience, her 7 years good friend almost ended her life.

If you're able to please, Get involve with DeafHope and #iknowsomeone

 Inspired by Deafhope to present my truth of #iknowsomeone

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