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Sunday, July 30, 2017

workshop Bay Area International Deaf Dance festival

---------------------Workshops and Presentations----------------------------- 

All Workshops and Presentations open to both Deaf and Hearing 

Workshop location:
Deaf Community Center = (DCC)
1550 San Leandro Blvd, San Leandro, CA 94577

Dance Mission Theater = (DMT) 
3316 24th St, San Francisco, CA 94110

--Aug 8th 6:00-7:30 pm @ (DDC)
Artist 1: Chris Fonseca' (UK) 

Workshop title: 
Chris Fonseca's Hip Hop Dance Workshop

Description about workshop:
Love to dance? Want to learn to dance? Need to release the stress? Here's perfect opportunity for you to get involved in dance!

Chris Fonseca Note:
I'm excited to present dance session with passion and knowledge of dance with you.

Dance workshop aims & objectives:
Gain confidence
Understand better structure of timing and how to interpret music into choreography
Learn excitable hip hop choreography
Exercise whilst dancing and having fun

Meet new faces

Cost: $10 or what you can pay.
All proceeds go to the teaching artists to support their travel.

--Aug 8th-7:30-9pm @ (DDC)
Artist 2: 
Ekaterina Migitsko and Maria Rumyantseva (Art Tour Company from Russia)
Workshop title:
This fun Russians Jazz theater dance workshop 
(Think Broadway dance but signing instead of singing.)

Description about workshop:
Using this technique you will learn to coordinate in space simultaneously feeling the rhythm in your body. Utilizing the basic elements of jazz dance warm-up, breathing exercises, stretching and relaxation, the dynamic parts of this workshop will be jazz steps and exercises for coordination in space.

Art Tour Company developed specifically for dramatic actors who are not professional dancers and then adapted for Deaf artists. Think Broadway dance but signing instead of singing.

In addition the workshop will consist of a warm-up of the hands, which trains the flexibility, speed and amplitude range of the fingers as we lead into the basics of Russian Sign Language.

You will learn words, expressions, etymology of the language and how Russian Sign Language and American Sign Language differ! Come on down for once in a lifetime Russian Jazz in your own backyard!

Cost: $10 or what you can pay.
All proceeds go to the teaching artists to support their travel.

--Wednesday August 9th, - 6-7:30 pm @ (DCC)

Artist 1: 
Kassandra Wedel (Germany)
Kassandra Wedel WINNER of the "Deutschland Tanzt" a German TV Dance "So You Think You Can Dance" in 2016! From Bavaria Munich is a Deaf dancer, choreographer, coach, actress and a freelance artist. Founder of Nikita Dance Crew since 2005, she won the German World Championship in Hip Hop Duo and Solo in 2012

Workshop title:
Hip Hop and German Sign Language

Description about workshop:
In this workshop she will teach Hip Hop Choreography mixed with German sign language while exploring the use of facial expressions and stimulating your own creativity in both dance and language. This is an all friendly workshop. Feel the beat and let's dance together.

Cost: $10 or what you can pay.
All proceeds go to the teaching artists to support their travel.

--Wednesday August 9th, - 7:30-9 pm @ (DCC)
Artist 2: 
Isidore Niyongabo (Texas originally from Burundi, Africa)- 7:30-9 pm

Workshop title: !!Salsa and Bachata Dance!!

Description about workshop:
1. Salsa: As commonly known in the Latino community, Salsa music originated in Cuba, as Puerto Rican culture influenced the evolution of dance. Salsa is recognized as an Afro-Latin dance due to the influence of Bolero music and African musicality.

2. Bachata: Similar to Salsa, Bachata is also an Afro-Latin dance that is known to have originated from the Dominican Republic in the early 1960s.

Description about workshop:
What will you learn?
This workshop is composed of two 45 minute sessions. We will teach the fundamentals of Salsa and Bachata and each dance will be taught consecutively. Our main focus will include timing, footwork, partnerwork, and musicality by feeling the bass and rhythmic vibrations within the song. Participants will also learn basic patterns and connection techniques for social dancing.

The Omnidanza approach was born and designed with the purpose of teaching everyone who enjoys music and dancing. Some people believe dancing without the ability to hear the music is impossible. To counteract this belief, Isidore and Liana developed pedagogies focused on teaching how to connect both Deaf and hearing dancers. This innovation is based on Isidores (Deaf) and Lianas (hearing) personal dance experience of 10+ years. Both have learned how to lead, follow, and recognize musicality through the beats of various instruments and rhythmic patterns. 

Cost: $10 or what you can pay.
All proceeds go to the teaching artists to support their travel.

Aug 13, 2017 (Noon to 2) @ (Dance Mission Theater) 
Antoine Hunter's Sunday One dollars Youth Workshop:

Antoine Hunter and his fellow Deaf International Guest teacher and Dancer 
will  teach Youth Workshops!  Youth of all ages welcome! 
Deaf, Hearing, CODA, HOH youth are all welcome!!! 

$1 Suggested Donation: $1
No one is turned away for lack of funds!
 We can't wait to see you all there.

For Deaf Panel and Presentations

Meet the Deaf Dance National and international Artists Brunch (Panel
DCC, 1550 San Leandro Blvd, San Leandro, CA 94577

Photo: Meet the Deaf Dance National and international Artists Brunch (2016) @ DCC

Bay Area International Deaf Dance Festival Present "Meet and the Greet" (PANEL
Come meet our Deaf Celebrities, Deaf locals and Deaf International dance performers. There will be a panel with all of our Deaf Artist directors.

Don't miss this opportunity to see their stories, Learn about their culture, victories and and struggle, what their identities are, there will be a few Interview Question and Answer with these amazing Deaf Artists MC'd by Convo's Karina Pederson.

BONUS:  Deaf Artworks will be presented for sale.


Fabulous delicious brunch provided by our Local Bay Area Deaf Chef Philip Smith Jr!!(Yummy)

$5 dollars but no one turn away from lack of funding.
*Donation are welcome for Dcara and Deaf Dance Festival

This a place for Deaf and Hearing - we will be learning many other language beside ASL like British Sign Language, Colombian Sign Language, German Sign Language, Russian Sign Language and more!

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