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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Antoine Hunter Dancing in: Epiphany Production (Sonic dance theater

I must tell you I really enjoy working with Kim this year- the work was no where what I expect it to be. I think many time people who are into arts world business often lose their humbleness. Kim had worked so hard to bring a large group hard well known dancers.

It was great dancing with them - I am really happy to dance with all of them. I hope everyone got home safe from the rain during the show. I got a lot of feedback about the show - we were da bomb! They love our park! They love how colorful we were, they love the monkey, bear, bird and of course the deer or what I called him ELK(By me Antoine Hunter)!

They love our dances. You all are very wonderful people who came to see the show. Every Year when I do the trolley dance, it wonderful to see how we move people. Rain or Shine; the people came to see TROLLEY DANCE. It is never anything about trolley dance to be taken lightly. It is really important show that hit the people - the community - OUR community. People are going through hard time these days and what we do bring smile back to their face. We allow them to dreams and run into dreams and out of reality for a little bit. That little be can be a lot for someone. The children and teenager are also impress. I alway love to educate the children. When I was a kid i saw none of these things, non even had the money to go anywhere to see arts of any kind.

I was struggling to get out there and see something different. My hand alway alway in duck poops. However I dance in my life the best I can just as we did in the rain. We were cold instead of complaining we just began to moves, dance, and look for a way to make it work for ourselves to get through the day in dance. I believe that the way to dance in life. Life is a dance, come in many tempo , and beats -every day, every minute.

Thank you all for the inspiration! Thank you for the laughters, the showing me the dance that we dance in this world!
I hope to see everyone next year.

Those who miss the show - I have to tell you we dance in the rain- there was nothing we could do about wet fast beat dance on grass
- Running with rain in your face not being able to see was like being a kid again! YAY- Jumping on tree, spin on grass. What more do you need !!!??

Antoine Hunter Dancing in:

Epiphany Production (Sonic dance theater ) @ Big Meadow in the Botanical Golden (Golden Gate Park)
The 7th Annual San Francisco
Trolley Dances

Fall 2010

Dance called:
"The Big Meadow Ball Come one, Come All"

Fall 2010
Choreographer:Kim Epifano
Photographer: Regina Fletcher
Dancer : Antoine Hunter

Here a small video if you miss the show- wonderful show it was -

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