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Monday, October 4, 2010

What is Marriage ?

I had a dream and came to believe "Marriage means "union" between two people- and true and real marriage should compliment a relationship between a man and a woman(man to man, women to women, 2 people to whatever many) , help them experience true and positive growth together and keep them together as they prepare for the future- and not take away from it. " - Get that ok- it does not mean "locked in!"!- Antoine Hunter-

However I want to know how do you all feel about the word Marriage?
Are you marry but do not use the term marriage? I know a couple who been together for 20 years they hate the word marriage but we are together as if they are marry- they feel the word marraige will make them feel pressure and locked in and that they will have to be acted in certain ways but are together loving each other- what about you all share ur idea!! of MArriage !

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