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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Looking back!

Thing about the blessing
I guess it had been about 1 year now. One year from from thing i learn so much and past that. I never thought I thought I would grow so far. I grew and the blessing grew. I remember making up a dance would be just for fun and easy now it not just so much for fun it about the having something important to say.

I just to dance dance dance dance just jazz dance as if I was a young cat at a jazz club. Of course I had trouble time when I was growing up but i did not complain about it. Rather than complaining about my life i was just sad about it. Then later became to learn how to not just be sad about it - do something about it.

I was along no friend, no matter where i went it was hard to have a real friend- it seem like back then everyone had a friend that tag a long with them - but I never had that-

I was hungry, i was hurting, was flaming -

learn I learn to communicate in dance to let the world know I was their friend.
This is what this dance is about

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